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Miss her

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Goonerbenny Tue 30-Jun-15 04:11:39

Havent spoken to a certain girl for a good four years. We had a petty argument and i decided to cut her loose after i heard some things she said about me. We were not romantically together, but i was told she liked me and there was potential (we flirted alot, spoke on the phone, walked home together etc). We left school ages ago but saw her recentley and all the memories and feelings came flooding back, have not stopped thinking about her since that day (the more recent encounter), so the question is, after 4 years is there really any point in trying to get into contact? (Bearing in mind that i cut her off). And if i was to say msg her, where would i even start?

velourvoyageur Tue 30-Jun-15 06:45:05

Of course there's a point smile sounds like you have a connection. But maybe you should think about what kind of boundaries you want to be establishing beforehand. For example if she says something inappropriate, how bad does it have to be before she's crossed the line and how do you react etc.
Just be friendly but not gushing - hey how are you, was nice seeing you the other day, was wondering if you wanted to meet up for drinks or a coffee.

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