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Parent with Aspergers?

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silverglitterpisser Sun 28-Jun-15 15:02:48

Hi all,

My parent has Aspergers Syndrome. I've known they were different all my life but only became aware of the actual condition when my DC was diagnosed with the same about 8 years ago.

Life is .... stressful. I am permanently frustrated trying to support them but meeting obstacle after obstacle of their making. They live alone after divorce n have little contact with my sibling (who is an arsehole, not my parent's fault) so there is only me to help.

Parent is independent n capable. Loving parent, lovely person but utterly disorganised n socially unaware. Has been ill for the last month n needed extra tlc.

I feel guilty even typing this n I know they can't help it but a lifetime of frustration at being talked over, having to adhere to someone else's obsessions, feeling unappreciated n having to almost parent my parent is taking its toll. I feel mentally frazzled every time we talk or meet sad .

Does anyone else have experience of this? How do u cope?

Icecreamsandwich Sun 28-Jun-15 15:17:17

I have a parent with undiagnosed but blatant Aspergers. There's a thread here in case it's helpful:

Sorry you are having a tough time. The National Autistic Society helpline is pretty good.

silverglitterpisser Sun 28-Jun-15 15:32:01

Thank u! Will read with interest. I did search for a thread of this nature but did not find urs confused .

Icecreamsandwich Sun 28-Jun-15 15:33:42

I think there's precious little information out there for children of parents who have it. I'm not in a position to give advice as I'm NC with my parents but wanted to give you the link.

silverglitterpisser Sun 28-Jun-15 15:51:36

Yes, I am the world's leading expert on parenting Aspie children after having done immense research when DC was diagnosed but am clueless over my parent,might b time for research in that field now.. .. Thank u so much for the link flowers .

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