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Being an introvert in a relationship

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Kath1234 Sat 27-Jun-15 23:38:34

I wondered if anyone else finds it difficult being an introvert in a relationship. I'm fairly introverted, like to spend quite a lot of time on my own and doing my own thing but I do like to be social for periods of time, am comfortable talking to anyone when I want to and like to get out somewhere most days. I have come out of relationship where I felt very overpowered and would love to meet someone else to spend time with but in a way that I can cope with as an introvert. I've been out on a few dates with other men who have been really nice, attractive but I seem to mostly want to see them for a while and then find the interaction they want just too much. I've really struggled in the past being with men who just want to be with me all the time and I just don't want that. I seem to attract men fairly easily but just want to be in a relationship with someone who gives me a lot of my own space, can deal with me not talking with them all the time and just having the freedom to be me. I realised the other day that yet again, I've met a man who I find it stressful being with and have repeated the cycle of coming home to comfort eat to relieve the stress of being with them. Anyone had any similar experience?

GrumpleMe Sun 28-Jun-15 04:56:52

I completely understand. But I don't have any problems setting boundaries for myself. My current partner understands and knows that I need time to myself. He does not take it personally. If he did, we would not be compatible.

You get to have the relationship YOU want. If this doesn't work for them, they have the right to walk away. But at least try setting the boundaries before panicking and giving up. You have nothing to lose, and you may find they are fine with it too.

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