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Taking Children Abroad

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knackered69 Sat 27-Jun-15 09:46:17

Blimey ! As background ex-dh met someone else 6 years ago - long story - he now lives with her .Children are now 17 and 12. It was a really tough time.

I started divorce proceedings and we got a decree nisi then somehow I ran out of steam and we never got round to finalising it. I don't know why really. Not for any subconscious desire to have him back or owt cos as far as I am concerned we are divorced and have financial arrangements in place and we share a lot of the parenting so there haven't been any real issues between us .

Anyway after all the trauma 6 years ago we have salvaged a good supportive friendship and help each other out as much as possible .

This 6 week holidays, he is looking at taking the boys camping and cycling for a week or two. Ds1 is going away with his girlfriends family for a week leaving just ds2 and me so I have booked some annual leave.

I am looking at booking an activity holiday for myself and ds2 in Turkey. I've been abroad with the boys on my own before, to France and Bulgaria, but in the small print of this holiday it appears that I need a letter of permission from ex.

Ex is delighted that we are maybe going to Turkey for swimming ,pony trekking ,rafting, and sailing, and just wishes for me to bring our youngest back in one piece. He has offered us a lift to the airport in return for some turkish delight on return.

So - this letter then - he'll be happy to write one, but does anyone know what goes in it? What kind of thing are they after ? Has anyone written one of these before ? Is it just as simple as detailing the trip and stating that he is happy?

On another note - am I still technically married?- eek ! what a thought ! I need to push on and get the absolute sorted don't I?

marmaladegranny Sat 27-Jun-15 09:56:21

We did one of these when friends put our 13 year old on a coach in Dover and we met him in south of France.
All it said was that John Smith,date of birth, of 4 Any Road, What Town, UK was travelling on such and such a date from Dover to Cahors with our full permission.

Signed Mum Marmalade, Dad Marmalade

Basically your own wording - but include details and contact phone numbers for absent people.

Yes - you are still married! I had a friend in your position and they only realised that when they had to postpone their second marriage a week or so before the planned date.

knackered69 Sat 27-Jun-15 10:02:40

Thanks for that marmalade !Bloody hell-Still married? Id better crack on blush

knackered69 Sat 27-Jun-15 19:23:19

Turkey had gone confused However I have booked a non activity holiday to majorca with loads of optional activities -cheap and cheerful but with lots of scope.

I came downstairs and brightly announced to ds2 that we were off to balearic bootcamp.

He looked like this hmm

I said " yeah!! it's great ! Quite full on though .Starts at 6 with a run or a freshwater swim - quick brekkie, a 10 mile bike ride ,then kayaking ,or potholing ,white water rafting etc etc right through till 6pm and we have to make teams Up for orienteering - then it's balearic night with candle light sounds quite full on but we'll be fine!! we might need to do some cardiovascular work beforehand though cos we are in teams and don't want to lose!!

His face was like shock

I lasted all of 30 seconds before I cracked and showed him the pictures of our cheap and cheerful in majorca ( with loads of outdoor activities that we can choose if we want!)

I can't wait!!

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