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My boss is a creep and a wanker!

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WildFlowerWoman Wed 24-Jun-15 22:29:02

He recently got divorced. I am soon to be divorced.

We had an affair that lasted 8 months but he ended it several months ago because he has an on going problem with ED and was embarrassed that he couldn't get it up. He was also stressed out about his recent divorce and said he wasn't happy about having an affair with a married woman.

I was initially very upset that he wanted to end it but told him I respected his decision and tried to carry on as normal.

Since then he hasn't stopped flirting with me. He follows me round the office. Watches me when I bend over the filing cabinet. Looks at my tits and arse at every available opportunity. Touches my hand and leans over me etc. The list is endless.

I kept thinking he was going to ask me out again but he never did.

This has been going on for several months now and I have started to feel like I'm being sexually harassed. I can't help wondering if he likes to look at me so he can wank about me when he gets home. Almost like he knows he can't have me so the next best thing is to fantasise about me (and other women in the office, I'm sure). Why else would he keep flirting with me? Needless to say I've gone off him and I can now see him for what he is. A creep!

On Monday I went in his office to talk to him about something and he kept looking at my my tits so I told him to "fuck off" and walked out.

Since then we've ignored each other but today he was nasty to me. He was joking with another colleague about a woman he fancied. Saying how gorgeous she was and what great tits she had etc. He went on and on and on. All a bit crude and in the earshot of me. This is out of character so I couldn't help but feel that his comments were designed to upset me or put me down in some way.

He may well be pissed off that I told him to fuck off but I think there's more to it than that. I can't help wondering if he feels emasculated because he can't get it up and wants to put me down by talking about other women he fancies for some reason. What do you think? How would you handle the situation?

I don't want to leave just because of him because I don't see why I should.

Smorgasboard Wed 24-Jun-15 22:49:06

So, now you know how little respect he has for women and what a disappointment in the sack he is, it should help to be able to get over him quicker. There is much detail in how he's behaving in your OP. Hopefully as time goes on, you will be able to ignore him more effectively. Do others you work with know about the affair? If not, it will be easier to move on. I'm sure the way he was talking about someone he fancies makes him just come across as a complete dick, if you were full over him you'd find it perhaps funny or at least be thanking your lucky stars you're not seeing him anymore. Doesn't sound like you are quite over him yet, still giving the idiot too much headspace. Suggest you avoid interwork affair in future, always a risk.

Twinklestein Wed 24-Jun-15 23:41:34

You need to find a new job.

This won't end well.

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