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Angel51 Wed 24-Jun-15 12:09:02

My husband says that he has not cheated on me but I can tell that he no longer feels about me the same way he used to. We have both aged. We've been together more than 20 years now. I am over the hill (over 50) and he is interested in other women. He also likes to use porn. However, he keeps all these things a secret from me and denies everything. But I can tell by the way he treats me. For example, for our anniversary it took him two days to cough up a small box of chocolates (200g, two days late). He also bought a card at the last minute (just before closing time) and only because he wanted to keep the peace. In nature, a female of my age would also be treated like less than nothing - so it is to be expected. But it hurts never-the-less. He prefers the company of younger women (even our daughter) to me. I feel as if he is just using me to keep the family together - we have three dependent children. We are involved in joint ownership of our house. Unfortunately, I don't feel that, at my age, I would be able to find anyone else. I am very shy and introvert. My husband was my only real friend. Any advice would be appreciated.

Dowser Wed 24-Jun-15 13:14:12

I was 56 when imet my soon to be second husband but its too soon for that yet.

You need to get rid of this one first, then spend some time on your own before embarking on another relationship so you aren't bringing a load of baggage into a new situation.

You can't stay with someone just cos you're worried you won't find someone else!

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