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cannella Tue 23-Jun-15 23:32:35

Hey everyone, I'm 18. I know this website is kind of mom's website. I'm not a mom but I think people in here give the best support...
2 days ago my friend matchmaked me with her boyfriend's friend so it was kind of a double date but it was nothing romantic, more like sexual. I had no experience of kissing or having sex. We met at the boyfriend's friend's place late at night. After a little bit of chit chat my friend and her boyfriend seperated to another room so we were alone. We started to kiss and did hell of a foreplay. I insisted to not to have sex since I didn't felt ready. But I also wanted to experince many things since I'm going off to college. It was nice and he REALLY enjoyed everything but in the morning he was real distant and cold which annoyed me.

Today my friend's boyfriend wanted to have a double date again but the guy I spent time with wanted another girl.

I feel rejected and humiliated. Can't stop thinking what did I do wrong. Can't stop thinking about that night either. I was wanting it again and BOOM I get this news. I feel really insecure now.

Is this feeling going to fade? I'm afraid to attempt to have a relationship again with someone new since I kinda lost my self esteem.

springydaffs Tue 23-Jun-15 23:48:37

Aw honey, you did nothing wrong at all. This guy is a shit - you wouldn't want a relationship with someone like this anyway. Because he's horrible.

You are as precious now as you were before you met him. You are still precious - don't forget that xx

springydaffs Tue 23-Jun-15 23:57:49

Next time it's friends first, OK? It's always better to have sex with someone you know and who knows you, and you respect one another. Ime I feel better when things go in that order. Your friend may have reached a different level in her relationship but that's not right for you (or me). Xx

goddessofsmallthings Wed 24-Jun-15 00:08:50

Honey, what you had was nothing like a date - your friend set you up for sex with her boyfriend's pal and you're best advised to either ditch her or make it clear she's not to ask you again unless double dating involves a trip to the cinema/similar venue with a respectful guy who sees you home afterwards and doesn't expect anything more than a chaste peck on the cheek.

Don't try to cram this summer with sexual exploits - save it for college when learning with a fellow student who shares your ambitions will be far more fun, providing, of course, you have sorted contraception.

Btw, the fact that the twat wanted another girl suggests that it's not the first time his pal has supplied him with a living sex toy.

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