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What to do about this friendship

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Hangingbasket14 Tue 23-Jun-15 12:20:27

I have name changed as some identifying details. I will be a brief as possible.....I have a close friend (8 years plus) who is part of a small group. Approximately 2 years ago friend tragically lost a baby, it was unimaginably awful and obviously we all rallied round in support and did everything we could to support them. I found out I was pregnant with DC2 and really agonised over telling her as knew it would be difficult. I told her and over the following 6 months did everything I could to be sensitive as to the situation.

Friend has since had another DC and my DC2 is almost 1.....I have had almost no contact and would go as far as to say I'm being ignored and it's really getting to me. Another friend in the group is being similarly treated whilst others seem to not be.

I have racked my brains as to what I could have 'done' and honestly I think there is nothing and that there is not really a 'reason' just a set of circumstances beyond my control. I really don't know what to do and to make matters worse it would appear that the friend is suffering from some kind of mental health issues and I know that this is part of the problem BUT I am finding it very hard to move forward and keep trying to maintain a friendship which she seems to be happy to let lapse. So in summary do I persevere or let it go?

Joysmum Tue 23-Jun-15 12:39:52

Personally I'd give it one last go.

I'd communicate that you've been aware that your friendship isn't as close as it once was and that this makes you sad so you'd like to trying to regain that if she'd like to. See what the response is but you can do no more than that I don't think?

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