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where has the sun gone in my life....

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wherehasthesungone Tue 23-Jun-15 11:07:52

feeling a bit sorry for myself...
*dh had a heart waiting for results of tests if he has cancer.
*son on verge of being deported from abroad.
*daughter on verge of bankruptcy..again.
*another sister with advanced lupus.
*my dear sister dying of cancer, miles away from least 3 hours away.
* I have raging toothache, need a root canal filling.
where has the sun gone in my life.
I said I am feeling a bit sorry for myself

jesy Tue 23-Jun-15 11:30:51

Awe huni

Life is crap isn't it, you need to do something for you.
I went to my drs today with depression and he made some dam good points

Take time for you , there a book called frooth on cappuccino and its just little things that bring pleasure and it helped me.
It that what my dr said , my answer was I don't have a job I have lots of time to my self it I don't do anything that I enjoy , but on his advice I am going to nothing major but baking is the plan today.

Other tips he gave get out side for twenty mins a day , sunshine help
One he advised for me is ( I live in one room) was to separate it i.e. make my desk into a dinning table so not living sat in one place.

All the things that are happening to you are sort of out of your control but there are things you can control .

wherehasthesungone Tue 23-Jun-15 11:37:56

yes, that's true, I am going to go into the garden and do some pruning as an emotional escape.
sadly my dear sister who is in her 70's, with a husband with dementia, is so alone, that's the sad part.
I need to support her, but at my age, I find the journey exhausting.
I begged her to come to me, so I could care for her until the end, but her nasty abusive husband (he always was) refuses to come.
my dh is stressed and depressed.
I just scream inside,....what about me.....

flatbellyfella Tue 23-Jun-15 11:47:23

You really are carrying the world on your shoulders at this time, life can be very cruel to some people, yet others seem to sail through life without a care or problem. I hope your gardening takes your mind off of this heavy load for a short while. <<<hug>>>flowers

Vivacia Tue 23-Jun-15 11:52:45

I just scream inside,....what about me.....

flowers listen to that voice. What do you need right now in order to get through this? 10 minutes in the garden as you say, doing something for you that you enjoy? It's important to find (and do) the little things that nourish you or recharge your batteries.

jesy Tue 23-Jun-15 12:00:47


I agree even if it's a few minutes , do it , every thing else can wait
The washing up
Ironing will still be there

I think a lot of us feel this way

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