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How do I support him?

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hollolew2 Sat 20-Jun-15 17:06:02

My sons had a girlfriend since 16 now 21. I think it's more of him hanging on than an actual proper relationship she mess'es him around continually he's fallen out with most of his friends because of her. Every time he says enough she manages to weadle her way back. The latest is her posting photos snogging some guy he knows at the end of her uni ball and lots of photos of them at different parties etc. My daughter, son in law & husband all saw on Facebook and showed me so I went into bat and spoke to him. To be fair he was a lot more receptive than I thought said he was going to speak to her and probably finish it. I fully understand it's his choice to be treated this way and I don't slag her off although I'd love to but I'm pretty sure there's not a lot else I can do . Any wise mumsneters have any thoughts???

thecolourpink Sat 20-Jun-15 19:05:24

What I tend to do is say my piece and then let them get on with it. 9 times out 10 they take to heart what I've said and do what I think is the right thing. As long as he knows he's got your support whatever happens, then you have to let him decide for himself. Maybe someone else will have a better idea? Good luck anyway smile

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