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Dilemma: Do I move on or carry on?

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MistyMisty69 Sat 20-Jun-15 00:15:12

Hiya, I'm in a real dilemma with what to do. I have a four year old son with my partner. He is a good dad and a good provider, sometimes we can get on really well, especially around son.

When I met him I noticed he was in a bad place emotionally as he hadn't long lost his mum who had a long battle with alcohol. I noticed he was a very deep private person who just plodded on, just getting on with life. I fell in love with him because I thought we clicked and I wanted to bring some happiness into his life.

6 years on and I feel so down at times as my partner seems so miserable at times. There isn't much physical connection either, unless I instigate it. I've gone down the route of asking him to talk about his feelings with me, and if not with me then to see a counsellor, but all I've been told is it is me, I'm horrible to him, I should just leave him alone. He keeps running me down, criticising me if I have a "moan up" about something in life, saying I'm so negative. I'm just a normal human being dealing with the joys and woes of parenthood whilst juggling my study, so I can go back to work asap.

I'm quite a cheerful, sociable person most of the time and I'm the sort of person who loves talking to people about anything and everything, but lately I've been feeling extra tired and feel I'm not talking to friends much anymore. I'm sad, sad that our relationship isn't working and we have a little boy. Sad that I'm trying to make it work and getting nothing back, just a robot who goes to work and pays the bills, but doesn't really want to be social with me or engage in any positive conversation.

We split up last year as he constantly kept walking out on us, saying i keep "starting on him." It was hard on my own, financially and with help for our son. On the other hand, I didn't miss being ignored and his constant sulking when he feels I'm "horrible" to him.

I know I'm going to be advised to leave him, but is it really that easy when you have a little boy who adores his dad?

twistletonsmythe Sat 20-Jun-15 00:18:52

It isn't easy - but it is often the right decision. If your little boy grows up seeing his Dad treat his Mum so badly then he will think that is how he should behave when he grows up. Plus he is currently growing up in an unhappy home, tension, atmosphere, etc...

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