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Practical/financial side of separating - advice?

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RahRahRahRahRahRah Wed 17-Jun-15 10:25:37

I'm mentally trying to prepare myself for the eventually of splitting with DH.

However the thing I am stuck on is how to survive financially after splitting up.

Ideally we'd cause the least disruption to DC (one is at school) so I would prefer to remain in our house or in the area (I also have a support network here that I would rely on as family is all v v far away).

I've done the sums, and worked out what my income and outgoing would be including all benefits and child maintenance. My outgoings are higher, even stripping bills down to the bare minimum.

If DH did agree to move out would he have an obligation to pay towards the mortgage? If he didn't we would default on payments as I couldn't afford it so it would be madness not to, but I have no idea how he would react if I say we are splitting. Should probably mention, he earns four times my salary and could definitely afford to pay maintenance, 50% mortgage and rent in a new place and still be significantly better off than me!

If this is not reasonable to expect the other options are 1. I move out and rent or 2. We sell the property

1. Leaves me stumped as I'm pretty sure owning the house as an asset means I don't get housing benefit? Rent on a 2 bed flat is same as our mortgage so I'm still stuck financially

2. Means that potentially I'd have a pump sum. However I wouldn't currently be able to get a mortgage large enough to buy a new place unless I left london, my support network and my job. I'd have to spend the money subsidising my rent and whittling it down, which makes me feel I'm damagingly children's future. But maybe this is the only/fairest option?

I know I need to speak to a solicitor but in the meantime I'd really like to hear of other people's experiences in a similar situation and how you worked it out.

fusspot66 Wed 17-Jun-15 10:40:57
There was a poster called Olgaga who made a list of things to gen up on re your rights in divorce. She's the first to reply on this thread I found.
Never mind thinking your husband earns 4 x more than you. All money in the household is family money (Mumsnet mantra)
Good luck.

RahRahRahRahRahRah Wed 17-Jun-15 10:54:33

At the moment all money is family money, but my point was when we split it won't be, other than the child maintenance he'll have to pay? I face being v skint in any scenario whilst he'll be fine

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