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Bipolar dh

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junebirthdaygirl Sat 13-Jun-15 03:26:22

Respond to others here but first post and have namechanged. My dh has bipolar. After years of ups and downs it is fairly manageable. We have an understanding brokered by his consultant that if l detect an inkling of any high behaviour he will take extra medication. His biggest mania thing is sending emails speaking his mind in a very forceful and direct way. Usually the truth but imagine telling everyone around you how you really feel! The fallout is usually very stressful and even though l am not even aware he is sending one it affects my relationship with people. Last night l had doubts about him but let it go. Today he sent a fucking email. I am lying awake feeling wiped out facing this again.l don't puck up the pieces or get involved. I stopped doing that a long time ago and generally l have a very fulfilling life which l have worked hard to build up. But l am fed up of this. Just wanted to let that out. I don't discuss it much with people as want to have a normal life but l am very tired of it all.

Ilovenannyplum Sat 13-Jun-15 03:43:21

My DP has bipolar too, thankfully he doesn't do that but becomes extremely fixated on a certain things and googles and googles and googles and talks about it non stop confused then that passes and something else will come up.
Has he emailed someone you both know? I can imagine how worrying that must be sad

junebirthdaygirl Sat 13-Jun-15 03:52:28

Thanks for replying in the middle of the night. He emailed a business associate with a diatribe because of some little thing going wrong. He does that dwelling and dwelling on stuff then shoots off a message. It never fails to catch me unawares as the person never crosses my mind. He had lost business over this sort of stuff in the past and it just makes me so mad with him. It's like everytime things are going smoothly he throws in a bomb. Feel wrecked especially as finding it hard to sleep. It's not life wrecking but not knowing when and to whom is so upsetting

Ilovenannyplum Sat 13-Jun-15 04:00:13

Oh dear, that sounds bad. I feel for you, sounds like you are constantly worrying about what he's going to do next.
Does he take his meds every day?

junebirthdaygirl Sat 13-Jun-15 04:04:52

Yes every day but when he ups them he feels quite down and has no energy. But sends no emails. The compromise with his doctor was to up them if there was a problem but he got ahead. Actually l don't spend any time worrying about him sending one that's why it blind sides me everytime. I usually find out when lm in a nice happy relaxed state and it floors me. While since it happened so l relax feeling it will never happen again.

Ilovenannyplum Sat 13-Jun-15 04:08:33

Does he understand after that the email thing is a bad bad idea? Could he try and claw back the damage or are the emails that bad that it's unfixable?

Crappy situation indeed

junebirthdaygirl Sat 13-Jun-15 04:18:38

Always claws back the damage but things are never the same. He says l told the truth but it's over the top. Going to sleep and let it over my head. You have been a big help to me just chatting .

Ilovenannyplum Sat 13-Jun-15 04:31:31

No worries, hope it all turns out ok x

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