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feeling down

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jesy Thu 11-Jun-15 11:51:40

Maybe this will sound like a pity party but I'm feeling so old n ugly at the moment, a comment from my ex New gf upset me big time today , it was thinly veiled again , a mutual friend had made a lovely comment about my pic of me n him and then she'd said who the dog we were taken with a small puppy.
I k ow I'm not pretty years of abuse from school ppl has taught me this
Sorry just needed to get it off chest

Knittingnoodles Thu 11-Jun-15 12:22:13

Oh love, that comment was spiteful and childish. Don't take it to heart.

Unfortunately some people cannot resist being unkind.

He’s an ex, there is no reason he or his girlfriend should need to see your photos.

They are the ugly people.

You don’t need people who make you feel like this: get rid of them.

Right, that’s sorted, now it’s time to be kind to yourself: have a nice soak in the bath, paint your toe nails, wear something nice and colorful, put some lippy on, do your hair. Have a walk in the park being beautiful and mysterious! Read a book or even try some meditation. You get the picture.

wingsflyby Thu 11-Jun-15 12:40:01

Is there any way you can not be around your ex/his gf? You don't need to be around people who make you feel bad about yourself!

jesy Thu 11-Jun-15 12:48:00

They are all mates ,long story I try not to let comments get to me but think I'm having a bad week. I don't tend to go to the group stuff a y more but then part of me thinks why should I do that I was part of the group long before her.
Maybe it's just a sensitive day

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