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How do you know when aperson is your genuine friend or a person genuinely fancies you?

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SoleSource Wed 10-Jun-15 23:19:05

Are there signs?

I'm sick of never being sure and ending up feeling used.

springydaffs Thu 11-Jun-15 00:22:42

What they do not what they say.

A friend came round today and cut my hedges bcs I had an operation last week and couldn't do it myself. She isn't the easiest of people in a lot of ways but what she did today showed me she is a genuine friend.

If she expects something in return then I'd question whether she is a genuine friend.

SilverNightFairy Thu 11-Jun-15 00:28:31

Hi, Sole! Does he call/ text you for no reason? When you are together does he touch you ..not in groping way..I mean touch on the knee..or shoulder? Does he really pay attention to you when you are together? Does he make plans with you or is available if you wish to plan something? How does he make you feel..valued? Respected?

Signs like these generally tell me if someone is interested..

MadeMan Thu 11-Jun-15 00:30:33

Are we talking about genuine subliminal signs of interest or those pretend fake ones that love gurus promote like stirring your coffee whilst sucking your thumb?

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