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Dating after divorce?

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feelinitchyallover Wed 10-Jun-15 07:59:02

How soon is it acceptable to date after separation? I have my Decree Nisi but not the absolute yet. My marriage was dead for quite a long time. Myself & my ex are comfortably set up in two different homes, kids established in their new routine & all is quiet. I feel ready to explore new possibilities & have fun, it's not a desperate feeling of 'I need a new man to fill the gap', I'm quite happy in my own company but I've met someone single who's piqued my interest. New man knows about my divorce & I wouldn't want him to think 'rebound'. Could I ask him out or would you all say it's wayyy too soon?

lavenderhoney Wed 10-Jun-15 08:06:05

I think it's from separation, legally, you don't have to wait for decree nsi or anything.

Emotionally it's what suits you. It's only datingsmile why would he think you're on the rebound unless you talk about your ex all the time?

If he knows you're divorced and single, he can ask you out or you can ask him. It's up to you if you construct your sentence as a date or a casual drink with a palsmile

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