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Is this EA?

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Whichseason Sat 06-Jun-15 17:30:11

My friends 'd'p seems to be a bit of a cocklodger. She is a a strong, organised and confident women, except when it comes to him. If she expresses that she is upset, which she rarely does, does to speak to her for days.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 06-Jun-15 17:37:36

I presume he does not speak to her for days if she expresses upset. That itself is abusive behaviour. He wants absolute power and control over her.

Some emotionally abusive men like such women (who are outwardly confident but who internally have low self worth) and see them as a sort of challenge to bring them down. Your friend was likely targeted by such a man, they can spot vulnerability a mile off and exploit that for all its worth.

I would keep in contact with your friend as much as possible (such men also try and isolate their victims socially) and give her a listening ear. Get her to think about what her life is really like with this man and allow her to come to her own conclusions.

woowoo22 Sat 06-Jun-15 17:51:22

Yes, it is. Silent treatment is insidious.

Whichseason Sat 06-Jun-15 18:02:00

Thanks for the advice. I will just continue to be a good friend. I worry about her but don't want to say too much in case it means she stops talking about it but then I don't want for her to think it is normal.

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