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What's the book that's always being recommended when affairs have been discovered?

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makealist Thu 04-Jun-15 13:10:14

Haven't time to search history as trying to place an order with Amazon. Tia

TanteRose Thu 04-Jun-15 13:14:11

Shirley Glass - Not just good friends?

FredaMayor Thu 04-Jun-15 13:27:20

There's a load of them:
How Can I Ever Trust You Again - Andrew Marshall
My Husband Doesn't Love Me And He's Texting Someone Else - Andrew Marshall
Stop Emotional Affairs - S and P Baker
Surviving An Affair - W Harley
The Truth About Cheating - MG Newman
Runaway Husbands - V Stark
Chatting Or Cheating - S Meyers
After The Affair - Relate
Not Just Friends - S Glass
Coming Apart - D Kingma
Too Good To Leave, Too Bad to Stay - M Kirshenbaum

Anyone would think I had made a special study or something....

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