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Worried sick

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RagingJellyBean Thu 04-Jun-15 09:21:22

My DH has just told me he may possibly lose his job. I am worried sick. We both work and we both heavily rely on our money for bills/childcare/paying off debt.

I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't bare the thought of him losing our job and what it will mean confused

RagingJellyBean Thu 04-Jun-15 09:21:54

I've also realised this might not be the right place to have posted this, sorry?!sad

RagingJellyBean Thu 04-Jun-15 09:22:20

His job* I can't even type!!!

LineRunner Thu 04-Jun-15 09:28:31

Hi Raging, you can ask MNHQ to move this to the Money Matters board or similar?

Meanwhile, you need to make contingency plans. Will there be a redundancy payment? Could debt repayments be reduced or frozen temporarily? Will he become SAHP thus removing childcare costs from the equation? Will he find a job again quickly? Will your tax credits increase?

Also look on Credit Crunch here for great tips on reducing spend.

I find it helps me feel more in control to ask questions and find out the answers, and to be more frugal.

Sorry you are facing this and best of luck.

handfulofcottonbuds Thu 04-Jun-15 09:37:16

I'm so sorry you're going through this flowers

It might be best to keep this post here for traffic but also as Linerunner says, post in Money Matters.

Would there be any reprieve if he did lose his job? Like unfair dismissal or redundancy payment?

You could also speak to Citizens Advice to get some advice on your financial situation.

RagingJellyBean Fri 05-Jun-15 14:01:09

Sorry I haven't had a chance to reply sooner.

Thank you very much for the advice & I think my next step would be citizens advice to see what's likely to happen.

Also, if he is dismissed I fully intend on trying to convince him to chase an unfair dismissal tribunal thing!!

handfulofcottonbuds Fri 05-Jun-15 14:09:53

If there is a chance that it is unfair dismissal then he should pursue it.

If it does happen, you should contact all the companies you pay and inform them, they'd rather work out a payment plan than for you to go into the red.

I'm so sorry for you and hope that doing some practical things will help you.

HootyMcTooty Fri 05-Jun-15 14:14:15

My husband has been made redundant twice and with a huge mortgage and two DCs it was very stressful, but we survived and he found work again thank goodness. It's very stressful, but try not to panic, it doesn't solve anything and only makes you feel worse.

Is it a redundancy or sacking situation? If he's being dismissed I'd get advice from CAB if he thinks he's being unfairly treated. Is he in a union? They can help if he is.

Joysmum Fri 05-Jun-15 14:56:43

Next port of call is actually ACAS.

They've a fab website and you can call them for free and expert advice as, unlike citizens advice, this is their speciality.

If things get a bit too hairy, look for solicitors specialising ok employment law that off a free 30 mins session.

We successfully contested redundancy for my DH with both these resources.

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