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Help, I think I want a baby

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BloodyUserName Wed 03-Jun-15 17:41:23

Bugger, this wasn't meant to be me.

Been with my husband for 10 years, neither of us have ever wanted kids so we haven't had any but........

I'm having serious pangs for a child, I think I'll regret it if I don't but I'm terrified of making the leap and having a serious talk with my husband. I think he could be persuaded if I give it time.He's a wonderful man and would be a caring dad.

Maybe this feeling will go away and I can go back to my happy child-free life, but what if I doesn't.

Any advice?

Twinklestein Wed 03-Jun-15 17:44:31

If you want to have a kid then say so. How old are you?

BloodyUserName Wed 03-Jun-15 17:49:33

I'm 32. Trouble is I do and I don't. I'm not comfortable with the idea of entering such unknown territory, everything is so well planned out at the moment...but at the same time I think I'd like to bring a child up and i adapt quick.

sminkypinky Wed 03-Jun-15 17:53:27

Same thing happened to me just after I got married (we were together 12 years before getting married). We'd been certain that we didn't want children up until we got married, shortly after we discussed it and decided that we should start trying for a baby. I had my first 14 weeks ago smile

Definitely discuss it with your DH, you won't unless you talk about it.

Twinklestein Wed 03-Jun-15 17:54:03

Even people who have worked in childcare find having their own child is unknown territory. Looking after other people's is not the same as having your own. Everyone's thrown in at the deep end.

thecolourpink Wed 03-Jun-15 18:33:11

I think you need to look at what is causing the pangs. You need to distinguish whether its just a passing fancy or if you really do want a baby.

thelonggame Wed 03-Jun-15 18:36:39

same here, married at 22 and we had a life without kids planned out. As I approached 30 I was suddenly desperate for a baby! ( She's nearly 18 now!) Think it's perfectly natural to get broody out of the blue. And also perfectly natural to be terrified of how it will change your life.
Talk to your husband and see how he feels. Even if you do decide to start trying soon, you still will have plenty of time to get plans together for a different life than you were expecting.

ALaughAMinute Wed 03-Jun-15 18:40:58

The biological clock can do strange things to a woman. I wasn't sure if I wanted kids or not but by the time I got to 32 I knew I definitely wanted children. Luckily my DH wanted children so it was no problem. I had my first DC at 33 and my second at 36.

Sounds like you and your DH have got some talking to do. Good luck.

BloodyUserName Wed 03-Jun-15 18:49:23

Thanks all, I think im going to have a chat with him later and suggest we put the idea on the table. No pressure or throwing away of condoms just a lets put the idea out there.

If I'm honest I've felt this way for over a year, I too have been married ages and really didn't see this coming.

BloodyUserName Wed 03-Jun-15 19:46:40

Shit my mum will kill me (I know I'm 32)

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