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is it worh getting annoyed at

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mercy10 Tue 02-Jun-15 15:32:10

ok here goes, men and porn what is it. I have spoken to my husband about this on several occasions, it is the lying about it that really annoys me, and then the trust issue goes. We have a really good relationship on that front, but the' I'm working from home' usually means oh I going be looking. It is what he looks at- teen porn and it is close to the bone, he always says 'oh you know they are looking younger' I have seen it and it is not specially when the stuff is from sites that I can assure is not checking age and the people who download the stuff certainly do not look at age. 'His response is I have always looked what is wrong with it' and then the whole conversation ensues and i am the one in the wrong. The thing that has really annoyed me is that he actually uses my maiden name as his user name to join these sites . He knows my feelings and I have already said I will go. If our relationship was non existent than I could understand but it certainly is not. To me he is rubbing my face in it, then I think do not be bothered by it, but I am. Any advise do I talk about it to him again.

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