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Positive Traits of New Relationships Following Abusive Ones

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TokenGinger Sat 30-May-15 20:34:04

I'm sitting here tonight, feet up, merrily filling in a few job applications, thinking about bringing my washing in off the line and wondering whether that whole pack of Cadbury's chocolate fingers really needs to stay sitting in my cupboard or whether they're safer in my tummy.

Sounds perfectly normal, huh?

My last relationship was EA and I hung on every word he said, I became reliant on him being around to feel settled (I always believed he was cheating he was in the end and so when apart, I was hugely anxious).

DP went away yesterday and is back on Monday. And I've had a revolution of how happy I am this evening. Not once have I thought, "Who is he with?", "I feel lost without him" etc etc.

Being able to be truly happy in my own company and to be sitting her thinking, "I really hope he's enjoying his trip" and buys me a huge Toblerone on Duty Free is massive for me.

And I wondered what other positive changes people have noticed since escaping a poisonous relationship?

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