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Scared of commitment

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Ohnoitsgonewrong Tue 26-May-15 00:18:23

Been seeing a guy who fairy quickly was full on saying he missed me etc then out of the blue he dumped me saying it was too much when it was him doing that stuff .
He then said he was wrong and it scared him how much he liked me so we said we would cool it down a bit but he did it all again and dumped me again !!
I'm a bit baffled really what is this and does it happen to others ??

niceupthedance Tue 26-May-15 06:16:25

How long has this been going on? Have you had sex? Sounds like he enjoys a bit of drama.

Cabrinha Tue 26-May-15 07:35:02

He's not scared of commitment at all. Or he wouldn't be full on before he dumped you, would he?

You're being pissed about deliberately, to keep you on your toes and see what shit you'll put up with.

You've given him one ego trip about wanting him back... don't give him another, please.

Ohnoitsgonewrong Tue 26-May-15 08:44:46

No he's not getting another chance , ive not dated for a while and to be honest not really sure what goes on , wasn't expecting this is only Been a couple of months yeah we were seeing each other having sex etc.
I just wasn't sure what in the hell this was haha

niceupthedance Tue 26-May-15 09:11:06

Sounds like he was also dating others tbh.

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