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Help for a friend - partner has left

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bigreddrum Mon 25-May-15 20:14:59

I need some advice for a friend. She is originally from another European country, they live in the UK. Her partner has left, apparently there is no-one else involved. They are not married.

They have 3 boys 9, 6 and 2. She has not worked since having the children. they live in a rented house. They are both named on the tenancy agreement.

He has a good job.

Ideally she would like to return to her home country with the little ones. It is likely he would oppose this. She is very worried about her options and how she is going manage from now on.

What is she entitled to? What does she need to do? Have just returned from hers and said I would post to get some advice. What should her next steps be?

Any advice appreciated.

MakeItACider Mon 25-May-15 20:30:59

Next step is a solicitor.

While moving back home might be difficult, it is not impossible. If she can show that moving back home would enable her to gain employment and be able to have family support this would be in her favour. As would her exDH moving far enough away that he wouldn't see the children very frequently, or having the type of work that would make it difficult for him to see the children frequently.

However if he is an involved father, and willing to support his children, a judge would likely decline permission to move.

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