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revolving door.

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scotsmum2015 Sun 24-May-15 10:44:29

I first posted here 6 weeks ago when my 16 year old left to live with her dad. She did come back 10 days later as he went to pick her up from school friends and she wouldn't come out the house. She moved back in and we tried to move on and put a patch on the whole thing.. here we are 7 weeks later Back in a mess again. After squabbling for the last few weeks about exam revision. she asked to go out for a couple of hours with a friend on Friday but told me it was different girls as one of her friendshas been getting into trouble and hanging about with some dodgy characters. When she came home 4 weeks ago I had asked her to keep her distance because of what was going on with her. She told me she was going out with one friend and I said I'd cal to pick her IP as was nightshift When I phoned to say I'd collect her, as we had agreed, she blanked the calls so I went to find her and found the friends she said she was out with, obviouslyminus her. Long story but we ended up arguing, she said I don't trust her and has went back to her dads. I spent my night shift in floods of tears and couldn't sleep or calm down yesterday so phoned in sick. I m actually over reacting emotionally and are currently unwell I think. We r due to go on holiday 3 weeks on Friday and then to a festival with her friend. I'm taking them. I don't have anyone else to go away with so stand to lose all the money paid and have to reimburse her friends mum. I'm feeling sad, angry and a bit disappointed in myself too that I can't seem to pull it together. I don't know if she'll return home. I told her to take a couple of days out at her dad's but if she was coming back it was Monday as I have to make arrangements for the dog holiday etc, if she decides to stay away permanently. I can't have her running to her dad's every time I say no or we disagree. He is happy to have her and tried to get her to stay away from me the last time. I struggle to communicate with him but make an effort for her. He couldn't even phone me last time to tell me he had chucked her out! I found out she wasn't a friend's a day later thru my own efforts. I'm sorry I sound so poor me. I know it's a bit pathetic but it's how I'm feeling. I don't know how to get past this. I feel dead inside at the thought of losing her for good but I know I can't let her walk over me too.

scotsmum2015 Sun 24-May-15 10:49:22

Don't know whether I can face work tonight but if she comes home and holiday back on will probably look like drama queen. It's a shame people can't see what's going on inside when your life feels in turmoil. I don't want to lose my job but I'm scared I make a mistake at work thru stress.

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