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I don't know what to do anymore 😢

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Lonelylass1218 Mon 18-May-15 09:11:42

With dp for 3 and a half years and love him dearly. Always had a good relationship which grew stronger while I was pregnant with lo who is now 8 months old. We live in my fathers house and are trying to move out but houses are not easy to get in this area. We barely talk anymore and everything is falling apart. We have not had sex in 7/8 weeks as baby is in our room and others in the house. Dp s ores so something's I go into the spare room so I can get some rest and he just had a go at me for it this morning. Lo was up all night and I am recovering from the flu so I went I the spare room s I felt coughing was annoying her. I went back inn the room this morning when lo woke and we played etc. I dresses her and said to dp that I would take lo down stairs feed and give breakfast then cake him to look after lo so I could get a shower etc as I have doctor app later. He said no am going back to sleep I was up all night and you ducked off to the spare room to sleep you are in there every night of the week. I came down stairs n been crying ever since. I need to get ready but don't want to wake dp. To be honest I don't want to see him or be near him. Is this normal too feel like I would rather be on my own than have dp around

pocketsaviour Mon 18-May-15 16:16:49

Sorry to see you didn't get any replies to this - I think the site has been playing up a bit today.

Have you and DP ever lived on your own together? Have things been worse since DD was born - not uncommon when you're both stressed from lack of sleep plus trying to cope with living in someone else's house.

Is he working, are you on mat leave?

LineRunner Mon 18-May-15 16:20:02

OP, Yes the site has been playing up as pocketsaviour says, so lots of us have been unable to post anything.

How are you feeling now? You sound shattered. flowers

rumred Mon 18-May-15 16:21:40

He sounds like a horrid child, your child is his responsibility too.Is he sorting his snoring out? And is he a decent human - ie does he pull his weight at home? if not, start planning to get rid

AndTheBandPlayedOn Mon 18-May-15 16:43:53

So sorry you are going through this.
Fatigue is awful.
My dh snored the roof off the house and I was sleep deprived for years. When our last lo came along, I co slept with her in her room (and then even had my own bed in her room)...for seven years. Dh has since lost 20 lbs and the snoring is all but gone so I am now back in bed with him.

New born babies are so hard. But imho, the snoring is the deal breaker here.
His opinion on the matter is hot need your sleep over any (perceived or real) need he has, especially if he is reluctant to hold his own baby so you can get a shower, ffs.. He needs to grow up.

Sorry to sound so harsh! blush Angry on your behalf.

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