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Gift ideas/Ideal ways to show appreciation to your spouse Birthday. What U get/Do for your spouse B-day?

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thestaircase Sat 16-May-15 10:51:50

Hello, my husband B-day will be coming up and I'm trying to make it memorable 30th B-day for him. But he is the type of guy that kindda hard to buy gifts for, he doesn't have much hobies; and we both are boring couple.
But this is his birthday as our first year together as 'married couple'. So I want it to be more than just give him Money or give him Gift Cards.

I need help with B-day gifts ideas, or ideal ways to show your spouse your appreciation to him/her on their B-day.

So I'm asking those who are married or in long term relationship. If you can help by answer these questions: What did you get for your husband/wife or SO for B-day, please give some ideas.
Like what your plan for your spouse B-Day? What you buy for him/her as gifts?
I mean beside the obvious, you know, sex...
Can you please share what did you get/or do for your Spouse/SO B-day? so I can get ideas and learn more from you, thank you.

If you have time and want to help give me ideas on what to get for my husband B-Day, then please read on.
If not, then appreciated if you can help by answer the questions above on what would be an ideal way to show your spouse your appreciation to him/her on their B-Day.

My husband will be turning 30 years old, yah! He finally catch up with me--his wife because I'm 30, and I always feel bad that he is younger than me 1 year.
I have a husband that is kindda hard to buy him gifts, he not typical. He doesn't have much hobbies. He have alot of "self-controlled" and he very 'level-headed"
I tell about his daily lifestyle and his hobbies, as it probably help narrow down what would be an ideal b-day gift for him, I still don't know how to plan his b-day.

Husband is a hygiene freak and he is a health freak. He does not drink, he does not smoke, not even smoke a cigarette a cigarette.
He's quite sensitive when it come to the drinking alcohol topic. Because lost his older sister in a car crash accident caused by a drunk driver. He hates drunk drivers, no way he will let any alcohol in his bloodstream.

He work for a Truck company. Being a local Truck driver required No DUI, No DOT violations, passed all drugs or alcohol test. Passed all background check, and passed all random drugs test too.
So working at this job, drugs and drinking is out of the question for him. So no Whisky, no beer, no alcohol as present for his B-Day, not an option. Both of us doesn't drink or smoke.

His dad deceased when he as young, so he works alot to help out his mom. He responsible with money, he make sure he put money in his Saving account every month.
He have perfect Credit scores. He Debt-free, never have Credit-card debt. None of us have any kind of debt, we both debt-free and I like both of us to stay this way.
I don't think he wants to open another Credit-cards, he not a big spender.

He have a big Van car, and a motorcycle. Which both he bought with his own money and pay it off himself, he had these prior to met me.
He doesn't need another car or motorcycle for his B-Day.

He doesn't really have much hobbies. He doesn't like to play Video games, he have zero interest in video games. And I never saw him play it, just not his thing.

He also never go online, unless he needs to put in an online application for a job. He already have a laptop, he doesn't need another one when he never go online.
All communications are through his Cell phone, perhaps I should get him a new cell phone for his B-Day?

He doesn't even like to watch TV unless it is News, he loves loves News. He will died if he don’t watch News on TV for one day, lol
Oh, he loves NFL Football, News and NFL Football would make him happy.

He does have buddies (his childhood friends), but he work so much right now. All he have time for his work long hours, go home shower, eat and sleep, and next day repeat.
I do encourage him to go watch NFL Football with them, because me--his wife doesn't know anything about Football. Perhaps let him freely go hang out with his buddies on his B-day?

He likes to go to Gym to work out, keep his body stay fit and in shape. He 6'1 and he weight 170 lbs, so he is an average weight guy.
He also likes Guns, the both outdoor and indoor shooting ranges. But uh... not something I like.

He loves to read Newspaper. And Books, but he only like 2 type of books, that is “War” book sand “Politics” books.
I did get him a "War" book for his B-Day once, but he pretty much have all the Books that he likes.

And clothes, he have his own 'style' of clothes. So I don't go shopping for his clothes, maybe just a jacket.
Food? he have all different food dishes that I cook for him everyday. Even when he work late at night, I still cook for him in the middle of the night so he can have fresh meals to eat.
So cooking for him on his B-Day is like cooking for him everyday, nothing special about it.

He have baby fever, so he probably wants a baby for his B-Day present, lol
But I told him I won't TTC until 2016, I want to spend one year with him before we have a baby.

So that pretty much is my husband. Boring 29-30 years old guy he is right? But he is an awesome husband. He loving and caring to me, he treats me right.
and he working his butt off 2 jobs right now, everyday working 12-14 hours.. so we can have enough money as fast as we can buy a small house in 2016, and TTC

I don't know what to get for my husband his B-day, he pretty much have all the things he needs.
If you have a boring husband like me, what your plan for his B-Day? Like what would you get for his B-Day?
beside the sex, I mean like in gifts, B-Day gifts..

Beside the gifts, I was thinking maybe if we can go on a weekend trip.
But he working 2 jobs now, so he got to work on weekends too.
Maybe see if my husband can get a day off. I feel terrible that he working 12-14 hours everyday. A week he only got half a day off before he have to left for his 2nd job. poor guy

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