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So fed up I posted in the wrong place - DH and night out?

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DragonsCanHop Sat 16-May-15 00:34:18

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DH away over night for a well done you diner and night in hotel. He "didn't want to go" which equates to £60 for a shirt £120 for shoes £90 for a jacket so he feels he fits in.

I dropped him at the station this afternoon after work and picking DC up, arranging sleep over.

DC are still up (teens) dramas galore, tears and drama.

I've had a ready meal and he has text about his Fab meal all night.

Now I'm soo ready for bed, DC still awake, gossiping in bed. He has text he is off to a casino.

Expensise will cover cab etc but casino? No

2 weeks before we get paid in a 5 week month.

Fucking hell
Add message | Report | Message poster DragonsCanHop Sat 16-May-15 00:22:54
I'm really worried about our money, he will show off.

So pissed off I can't sleep

sadwidow28 Sat 16-May-15 03:36:11

You dropped him off at the station - therefore you accepted that he was going.

Teens playing up is normal. Just tell them to shut up and go to sleep. They appear to be more annoying because you are feeling annoyed.

You can't do anything about his over-indulgence and extravagance tonight - but tackle it when you know the full extent tomorrow.

mommyof23kids Sat 16-May-15 04:24:38

You sound jealous and fair enough. When was the last time you got a new outfit and a night out with the girls? Probably ages ago right? Rather than begrudge him some fun start planning a girls night out in 2 weeks for you.

goddessofsmallthings Sat 16-May-15 04:25:43

You're most probably in the land of nod now but I didn't want to you come back later today to find that no-one had responded to your post.

If the trip to casino didn't include a pile of chips as part of the 'well done you' package, my fingers are crossed that he broke the bank at Monte Carlo so to speak, or that he wasn't down more than a few quid at close of play (pre-supposing those establishments close early enough to prevent their more reckless determined punters going bankrupt).

If the dinner/hotel stay was by way of recognition from his employers, I'm curious to know why his wardrobe needed a substantial injection of dosh so that he'd 'fit in' with, presumably, colleagues he works with every day - or did they also find it necessary to buy a new tux & footwear for the occasion?

Having attended many such functions as a plus 1, I'm also curious as to why spouses/significant others weren't invited to applaud the lucky recipients as they received their awards?

Maybe I'm more suspicious curious by nature than most but, for some reason, this sounds more like a cunningly well planned lads' night out than the average 'works do' and I'd hazard a guess that new togs were required to give a James Bond the right impression at the casino.

No doubt all will be revealed in time and I suppose it could be said that, even though the potential for financial loss is considerably greater, a casino is a marginally more acceptable after dinner venue than a lapdancing club.

TF you're not reading this before your head hit the pillow otherwise it's doubtful you'd get a wink let alone 40. As it is, you most probably drifted off while counting how many additional credit cards may be required to cover the cost of last night's proceedings.

I'm hoping he returns carrying wads of cash - and wondering whether I should avoid responding on this board in the middle of the night hmm

goddessofsmallthings Sat 16-May-15 04:37:13

I'm happy to see that 2 other night owls responded to your post before I'd finished typing mine.

I doubt the teens will emerge before noon which should give you a leisurely morning in which to line up your rollings pins, sharpen your knives, and browse Harry Winston's online emporium for items to squander his winnings on grin

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