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tricky situation with kids, mum and ex

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turbonerd Tue 12-May-15 14:00:54

My abusive ex has followed me and the kids to my homecountry. My parents, who helped me move and settle and from whom I rent my flat, are very upset. Ex wants contact with the kids. I went nc with him since Jan, getting a solicitor and wanting a courtcase to settle a contact arrangement. Still waiting for court date. Ex so desperate to see kids he rocks up at school (no gates or fences here), and it becomes clear my solicitor never answered his solicitor etc. My solicitor is very good in dv child contact cases, but also very busy. I try to facilitate something temporary. Thinking even to hash out an agreement and avoid court as it is a huge stress element. Cue my mother going over the top with anxiety. Claiming I will ruin my children if I dont try to take his parental responsibilities off him etc. I have explained several times that it is legally impossible, that there will be some contact, and that supervised contact now that his sentence is served is highly unlikely.
My problem is I rely on my parents for housing and some childcare when I study. It sounded like my mum would withdraw this if I did not protect my kids enough from their father. It raised my hackles big time. Anyone with similar experience or any advice?

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