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SilentBob Wed 06-May-15 19:24:18

Can anybody advise re divorce?

My estranged husband and I married in 2005 and have been living apart for (give or take) 4 years. We are still legally married.

We would like to divorce. Quick, easy, done and dusted would be much appreciated- from both sides.

I have googled but am wary of scam type sites promising a quick divorce for tuppence ha'penny.

We have one child together, she is 17. We are amicable, so no counter-attacks or whatever they are called. Basically, we would like the quickest, cheapest, easiest divorce available. And so would he.'s over to you, Mn-ers. Tia!

kittensinmydinner Wed 06-May-15 19:45:37

Go to the county court and get a 'divorce' pack. (Free) fill in the forms, pay the fee and send it back. You don't need an 'organisation' or a solicitor to do this for you. My ex and I did it together at kitchen table. It cost us £176 ten years ago.. Think it's about £212 now.

SilentBob Wed 06-May-15 20:11:26

Thank you kittens I'll look into that!

Tanfastic Wed 06-May-15 20:13:59

You can download the forms from the Internet and guidance forms as well. The issue fee for a petition (which includes decree absolute fee) is currently £410. You may, if you are on benefits get a fee exemption but the forms online will advise you of this.

It's pretty straightforward if you are both amicable and there are no tricky finances to sort out ��

BeanoBrown Wed 06-May-15 20:17:27

You can get all the information and forms from the Internet site, court cost was £410 I think, and there are free websites that help guide you through answering all the questions, so you certainly don't need to pay for any advice if you don't want to. I done mine myself, but went to a solicitor just for a bit of reassurance before I sent forms off and because child was involved. The divorce was relatively easy to do, but I used solicitor for financial split later. Just remember if you don't get your finances sorted legally though, one of you could change your mind in the future and claim off the other.

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