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How to make her birthday extra special?

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bellatorlucis Mon 04-May-15 22:59:30

My girlfriend has depression. And I would like to know how I can make her birthday extra special. Her and myself are both at university and neither of us have lectures on her birthday so I can spend all day doing whatever I can to make her birthday special! Her depression comes and goes and she is actually very cheery but she has occasionally some very dark periods. I have got her presents but I would like to know what can I do to make it really special for her, I can give her foot rubs, cuddles, anything, I have made her a cake, a Victoria Sponge which is her favourite. I have never suffered from depression, so the advice of anyone who has or has had depression of what I can do to make my girlfriends birthday special would be great!

bellatorlucis Mon 04-May-15 23:04:02

Sorry that the OP is jumbled together, I should have line spaced it!

FriendofBill Mon 04-May-15 23:07:28

Be yourself! You sound like a lovely supportive person.

Ask her on the day what she would like to do, have a few options up your sleeve... something lovely, something cultured, something quiet?

FriendofBill Mon 04-May-15 23:07:55

Something lively autocorrect!

Allalonenow Mon 04-May-15 23:08:08

Bucks Fizz for breakfast, make it with prosecco not champagn to keep the cost down but still delicious and festive, also brioche rolls or buns with chocolate chips are widely available and not expensive.

A bunch of flowers is always a treat, and maybe a picnic of sandwiches in the park for lunch.

thanks wine cake

MrsWildermac Mon 04-May-15 23:11:38

You sound lovely OP. How about a day out somewhere? I always found being out in the fresh air fantastic when I was down. A trip to the sea, a walk along the beach and then a chippy tea, interspersed with an ice cream, or a lovely country walk with coffee in a farm shop would be my idea of absolute bliss!

Allalonenow Mon 04-May-15 23:22:01

Just popping back to say that if there is a Sainsburys nearby, they do a lovely ready made bucks fizz called St Clement which is only about 4 or 5 quid and is delicious.

Also if you are in a city, many art galleries are free and would be a calm and pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

Don't forget to take some photos of the day!

bellatorlucis Mon 04-May-15 23:28:38

Thank you all!

textfan Mon 04-May-15 23:45:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Allalonenow Tue 05-May-15 00:04:53

Ah! I'd not thought of the alcohol/antidepressant mix.

I think for a birthday, it isn't so much what you do, but that someone has cared enough about you to think and plan ahead, and that they are pleased to spend their time with you.

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