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Do you have a fetish?

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NameChangeSoStrange Wed 08-Apr-15 01:43:44

NC'd as both mother and a close female friend know my MN name and quite frankly don't fancy them reading this (or knowing it is me when they read this at any rate).

I was wondering if any MNetters have any fetishes?

If you don't want to say what it is that's fine just curious how many people have a specific niche - is it as common as a phobia (the opposite presumably) or is it a little more rare?

I find them fascinating because I'm curious if there is normally a specific cause for a fetish and would be interested to see what posters post on here.

I would say my fetishes or more aptly for myself, turn on's is a little bit of dominance (the other person) but not to the extent of being abusive/nasty. I also like the thought of more than one man at a time (though in reality I'd hate this, so no idea why my mind likes it).

I know it's a very nosy question but as we are all anonymous I thought I'd see what others say.

MNHQ feel free to delete away if a fair few are offended.
Feel free not to answer if you really don't feel comfortable nobody will make you.

Thanks for engaging if you do answer smile


AnyFucker Wed 08-Apr-15 01:45:49

I quite like a sharp tap on the derriere with a Woman's Weekly

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Wed 08-Apr-15 01:46:29

There's not always an underlying reason for a fetish.

That's just what range novels and 50 shades peddles

NameChangeSoStrange Wed 08-Apr-15 01:52:31

Oh I don't mean a reason as in some weird psychology infused crap I mean a reason as in you saw something when younger it peaked your interested and well, that was the end of that.

I haven't read 50 shades many in the office a few years back mentioned it and I honestly felt I was the only woman who hadn't read the book toilet paper.

I could always image you being the type into a whip yourself though, Any. Giving rather than receiving, mind!

AnyFucker Wed 08-Apr-15 01:55:37

I haven't read 50 Shades either

lottieandmias Wed 08-Apr-15 02:00:10

50 shades is the most awful book. If it can even be called that. The film is laughable - I was forced to go and watch it with my friend. I warned him it wouldn't be any good but he didn't believe me until afterwards.

ByeByeButterfly Wed 08-Apr-15 02:04:34

A friend asked me to go and see 50 shades I'd have honestly been embarrassed to enter the cinema.

Maybe when it's out on DVD and someone else rents it I'll sit and watch it and laugh.

Then again, maybe I'll do something worthwhile...

lottieandmias Wed 08-Apr-15 02:06:12

Well luckily it was not in my town ;) I did it only for him. Although we don't see each other much so it was a chance to catch up.

lunalelle Wed 08-Apr-15 02:21:33

I like a tall, somewhat dominant man in a white shirt and a good suit.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Wed 08-Apr-15 02:51:13

I count 'seeing something when I was younger' as psychology babble/crap.

I like what I like. There's no reason for it. It just is.

I think 'fetishes' on the whole are over romanticised and analysed by people wanting to justify their own behaviour. Just get on with it.

ByeByeButterfly Wed 08-Apr-15 03:37:43

Unless it's illegal or going to harm someone else.

But as long as it's in your head smile

BitOutOfPractice Wed 08-Apr-15 05:10:32

I would count a fetish as something not normally associated with sex (like feet) being a turn on. In fact it being necessary to get turned on.

I don't think having sex with two men is a fetish. It's a fantasy

JaceyBee Wed 08-Apr-15 08:40:27

Yeah I would say everything mentioned here is fantasy and not fetish. A true fetish is an something a person needs in order to achieve sexual arousal and that they can't really enjoy sex without.

AnyFucker Wed 08-Apr-15 08:42:48

That's ok then. I can equally enjoy a bit of Good Housekeeping thwackery.

MadeMan Wed 08-Apr-15 09:14:44

"I quite like a sharp tap on the derriere with a Woman's Weekly"

I have a copy of today's Metro paper that I found on a train seat; can I use that?

WellTidy Wed 08-Apr-15 09:17:43

I like to be bent over backwards on the hostess trolley myself

ImperialBlether Wed 08-Apr-15 09:21:36

OP, I can understand you changing your name, but what if your mum posts with details of her fetish?

Anniegetyourgun Wed 08-Apr-15 09:28:52

I recognised the quote, AF wink

Agree the few extracts of 50 Shades which have been forced to my attention suggest that "toilet paper" is fair comment, if not a little too kind.

AnyFucker Wed 08-Apr-15 09:37:48

do you think that I am that cheap, MM ?

BitOutOfPractice Wed 08-Apr-15 09:40:53

We all have a price AF! grin

I think there's a fetish about almost anything and the Internet allows like minded folk to find each other. I mean, who would have thought cake farting was a Thing

AnyFucker Wed 08-Apr-15 09:43:22

my price is higher than a fourth hand free copy of the Metro but not by much

pocketsaviour Wed 08-Apr-15 09:48:17

"50 shades" is to real-world BDSM as Bob the Builder is to the construction trade. It is, however, an excellent description of an emotionally abusive, controlling man.

For myself I tend towards femdom. There's nothing quite like a hot guy getting pegged with a strap on grin

I have had a MMF threesome but didn't enjoy it much. (My partner was more into it than me.) I would like a FFM threesome some day.

I really like my partner to spunk over/on me rather than in me. I like seeing it and feeling the rapid temperature change from hot to cool.

WouldYouLikeACupOfTeaTooMate Wed 08-Apr-15 09:50:02

Yes, I like to be heavily dominated (in the bedroom only, everyday life, no chance!) I also like to be choked as I come.

ImperialBlether Wed 08-Apr-15 10:02:48

Choked? Fucking hell.

Anniegetyourgun Wed 08-Apr-15 10:05:27

I'm kind of hoping the people here sharing their preferences on an open talkboard are not necessarily telling it how it is, but what they think the OP would like to hear. I hope he/she isn't a journalist as they don't know how to spell "piqued". Standards just ain't what they used to be.

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