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Ideas for wedding night room jokes

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jenkel Sun 29-Oct-06 21:16:31

We are shortly going to a wedding and dh and some friends are planing to do something to the room, we are all staying the night in the same hotel. There idea was to wreck the room, which I dont think is a very nice thing to do, my style would be to make it pretty, petals etc, but it is DH's friend who is getting married, so perhaps a bit too girly. So DH suggested I ask on Mumsnet.

Somebody mentioned to me that there is a way to make a bed which makes it very hard to get into, I guess it depends if it is done with sheets etc, anyone have any idea?

So please if you have any ideas that wont ruin the couples big day please let me know.

We had the traditional kippers, shaving foam, toilet rolls and tin cans on the car but they arent going away on honeymoon. By the way, havent seen this done for ages, do people still do that.

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JonesTheSteam Sun 29-Oct-06 21:19:41

Apple pie bed (from Wikipedia)

A prank done at camps or on excursions where children sleep in full beds (also common in the military). It is achieved by untucking the foot end of the bottom bedsheet and wrapping it around to the bed opening, making it look as if it is two sheets (the base plus the covering sheet). The victim will find that he cannot get into bed (as doing this "shortens" the bed length). Known as an 'Apple-pie bed' in the UK, and 'Cama espanhola' ('Spanish Bed') in Portugal.

Frizombie Sun 29-Oct-06 21:22:34

Cornflakes in the bed (fairly easy to shake out)
Toilet paper the room/doors etc

OldieMum Sun 29-Oct-06 21:27:36

Don't want to be a killjoy, but would you want someone to do this to you on your wedding night? I wouldn't.

Waswondering Sun 29-Oct-06 21:27:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SherlockLGJ Sun 29-Oct-06 21:29:50

Sorry but this is truly juvenile, how old is your DH ?

SherlockLGJ Sun 29-Oct-06 21:31:09

My DS was married on Halloween, and we placed a pumpkin and a withches broom in their room.

Why oh why would you trash a room.?

jenkel Sun 29-Oct-06 21:32:31

Not sure we could get into the room, I dont want the room trashed, just something funny to happen, after all he completely trashed our car when we got married. The bed sounds good, adn cornflakes in the bed is also good, dont want anything more serious than that. Was also thinking of somehow rigging up party poppers for them to go off when they open the door to the room.

So any ideas in case we cant get into the room would also be good, they are staying the night so wouldnt be driving away until the next day and then I'm not even sure that they would use their car.

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jenkel Sun 29-Oct-06 21:33:28

Its all the grooms friends that want the room trashed, thats why I have got involved to try to calm them down a bit.

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jenkel Sun 29-Oct-06 21:36:16

Sorry you think its juvenile, honestly its not my idea, I am thinking of doing something harmless. Weddings that I have been to they have always done things to the cars etc. And to be honest, the groom is the biggest prankster of the lot, you ought to see the state our car was in and it was a brand new company car.

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lulumama Sun 29-Oct-06 21:37:35

i would have been devastated if our honeymoon suite had been messed with ! too special a night....unless the bride & groom really 'wacky " and would really appreciate it..

ghosty Sun 29-Oct-06 21:42:50

My brother put my nieces pooey nappy under the bonnet of our car on our wedding day. We merrily drove off the next morning to drive from the UK to Italy ...
Nasty smell throughout the car for hours. Kept stopping, driving with open windows etc (not a pleasant experience on top of the vat of champers and wine I had imbibed the day before) ...
We discovered the offending article just before Paris .... but too ....

wakeupandsmellthecoffee Sun 29-Oct-06 21:59:13

set the alarm for 3 in the morning ,hide the remote control for the tv,put rice in the bed ,hide the plugs from the basin ,

jampots Sun 29-Oct-06 22:01:39

wouldnt dream of doing this to anyone I know - nsorry

jampots Sun 29-Oct-06 22:01:42

wouldnt dream of doing this to anyone I know - nsorry

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Sun 29-Oct-06 22:05:32

we had a boquet of flowers, a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates and a bowl of fresh strawberries in our room laid on by my mum,dad,brother and my mate who drove the car! It was lovely!

Only one issue - just make sure the hotel dont stuff up and give another wedding couple the key to your room so they come in at 1am drunk as skunks and disturb you

MwaHaHappyDaddy Mon 30-Oct-06 14:32:21

Don't, under any circumstances, have the bright idea of pouring Onion water all over the bed. My friend's wedding night was completely ruined because of the groom's "friends" doing this. The hotel staff and manager went mad and charged the happy couple for the ruined bedsheets.

covenoveneer Mon 30-Oct-06 14:34:29

Even if the groom is a grade A prangster, what about the bride? I know it is a tradition to do these kinds of things on the wedding night, but if anything like that had happened to me I would be very p*ssed off.

chai18 Mon 30-Oct-06 14:47:37

Sorry but I'm sickened by this thread.

happybiggirl Mon 30-Oct-06 14:52:39

Message withdrawn

ginmummy Mon 30-Oct-06 14:59:43

I was once party (and I use the term very loosely as I was only 8!) to the wrecking of my cousin's house whilst he and his bride were partying away. I remember the plug for the kettle being cut off with scissors, a large bag of open rice being wedged against the inside of airing cupboard door, the plug for the hoover being cut off so they couldn't hoover up the rice and alarm calls being requested at hourly intervals from 3am, even though they weren't going on honeymoon until the day after.

They got divorced a few years later and I'm still not quite sure if that was a contributory factor but I know I wouldn't like it on my wedding night. Quite frankly, on your wedding night you should have more important things on your mind than whether or not your luxurious, comfortable and very welcome bed will still be intact at the end of the night. Balloons and beer cans tied to the bumper of your car is one thing, frivolity bordering on criminal damage in the name of 'fun' is another.

Cappuccino Mon 30-Oct-06 15:03:26

I'd go for the champagne and strawberries option

no need to sink to their level is there? can't you show you have a bit of class yourself to shame them?

zippitippitoes Mon 30-Oct-06 15:11:15

gosh how horrible..I am shocked that someone would think of this sort of thing, what a nightmare

twelveyeargap Mon 30-Oct-06 15:14:26

Horrible to do mean things when the couple want to have a romantic night. Sending chocolate dipped strawberries or similar would be nice. No pranks. That's just plain mean.

SoupDragon Mon 30-Oct-06 15:40:22

Oh, I love the idea of filling the room with balloons and leaving a box of pins outside the door. Silly but not horrible. I would have laughed if I'd found our room like that.

A lot of other things are just cruel though.

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