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sex toys to use together?

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mayfridaycomequickly Mon 16-Feb-15 00:13:56

Eeek - dp and I are experiencing a mammoth dip in our sex life. .. since ds was born 2 years ago its been a bit hit and miss.

I've always had a higher drive than him and he's a lot more 'traditional' than me.
I'd love to introduce a toy or two to try and spark things up but I don't know how he'll react tbh... hopefully positively but he might be embarrassed.

Any ideas on low level stuff that's not going to scare him off that we can use together? ?

OldLadyKnows Mon 16-Feb-15 00:20:35

Google "bullet vibrator"; links go to lovehoney, Anne Summers etc, so not dodgy (though probably NSFW!) They're not as intimidating as some, for the novice. smile

mayfridaycomequickly Mon 16-Feb-15 00:25:46

Thanks! I feel like a shy girl again, not a thirty something! I've been way more adventurous with previous partners but dps 'traditional sex' ways make me a bit funny about bringing it up!

JamesAndTheGiantBanana Mon 16-Feb-15 00:33:20

Yep, bullet! Not very threatening as they aren't penis replacements.

You could look through a toy catalogue together, see what takes his fancy. There are some weird and wonderful things out there. You could sweeten the deal by getting something for him too.

Redglitter Mon 16-Feb-15 00:35:58

Groupon are doing a deal just now £19 for a £45 voucher for Pabo. Some of their stuff is great. I had a couple of new purchases this week from them

mayfridaycomequickly Mon 16-Feb-15 00:37:48

Like a cock ring??

The irony is we used to look at ann summers online together in a jokey way... sounds silly but we never got further than that!

mayfridaycomequickly Mon 16-Feb-15 00:39:00

I want to be grown up and blasé about it! !

JamesAndTheGiantBanana Mon 16-Feb-15 00:39:47

Depends what he's into really! confused Flavoured lubes are fun.

WestEast Mon 16-Feb-15 00:47:14

Definitely depends on what you're both into. Flavoured lubes are bleurgh to me, but we both like a vibrator. Scarves are useful for more than just keeping your neck warm if you've got the right type of headboard!

jackydanny Mon 16-Feb-15 00:47:17

The most powerful sex organ is the mind.
Could you talk about each other's fantasies?

loopylucylou Mon 16-Feb-15 01:44:42

Something like the
Tracey Cox Supersex Stroker?

gatewalker Mon 16-Feb-15 10:25:02

Bullets can be good, but they tend to induce fast, 'tight' orgasms because of their speed. What about a dildo? Especially a g-spot dildo like an Njoy bar? They're manual, and it's not just a matter of holding it on to your clitoral area (or other areas you can stimulate, like your anus or perineal sponge and vestibular bulbs), but it involves a more conscious kind of movement, changing pace -- a more hands-on experience, if you will.

gatewalker Mon 16-Feb-15 10:25:57

Njoy wand

SleeplessinUlanBator Mon 16-Feb-15 10:30:40

The Samsung TLX5000 Series DX model is pretty good, new one has bluetooth, GPS and calories burned function and a handy free app you can download onto your phone.

GinSoakedBitchyPony Mon 16-Feb-15 10:40:28

Bluetooth and GPS on a vibrator? WTF?
Time for me to give up on tech stuff, I'm so bloody old and out of touch.

Creeturefeeture Mon 16-Feb-15 11:10:00

look in the fridge

FarelyKnuts Mon 16-Feb-15 11:21:03

Hahaha. Pretty sure Samsung doesn't do sex toys. That is an epic cross thread post though

Redglitter Mon 16-Feb-15 11:22:57

Actually you do get one that's got blue tooth wifi and an app wink

and yes I do mean a sex toy

SleeplessinUlanBator Mon 16-Feb-15 11:25:40

Well with the GPS at least there is no danger of accidentally 'changing at Baker Street'

FarelyKnuts Mon 16-Feb-15 11:28:47

Seriously? What the hell do you need gps for? How big is your minge that you'd get lost? shock

GinSoakedBitchyPony Mon 16-Feb-15 11:54:47

Indeed, Knuts, I did assume it was a cross post, but I was particulary interested in the calories burned function wink

Sleepless, it was the GPS I was most perplexed about. "Changing at Baker Street" is something that some men like to try. Usually they claim they changed by accident hmm so the GPS would help!

LostMyBaubles Mon 16-Feb-15 12:02:38

Ahhh lmao.
That's really made me laugh lol.
Gps sex toy by Samsung (and reading the replies)
ds is looking at me like im deluded lmao

omg its brought tears to my eyes! !!

LostMyBaubles Mon 16-Feb-15 12:06:31

only on mn!

EhricLovesTheBhrothers Mon 16-Feb-15 12:09:59

perineal sponge and vestibular bulbs

Ooh yeah talk dirty to me

chubbymummy Mon 16-Feb-15 12:14:43

We really need a link to the gps sex toy!

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