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How would your life be different if you'd stayed with your ex?

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TiffanyAtBreakfast Thu 08-Jan-15 01:18:19

Facebook 'suggested' that I might like to add my ex as a friend today, so I had a cursory glance at his profile (nothing but grumpy statuses and old photos) and I suddenly thought to myself how different my entire life would have been if I'd married him and not my DH.

Six years down the line... For starters I would probably still be living in the city where we went to university, which made me unhappy as I much prefer the quiet suburbs. I'd be playing second fiddle (hah) to his bloody violin which he adored and prioritised above all else.
We'd probably be married but not happily, because of a) the lack of any kind of sex life and b) the jealous rages.
God - I would still be begging for permission and having to justify any nights out I wanted to go on with friends/family.

Thank goodness my instincts were right when I completely freaked out at the idea of moving in with him when he asked me. The arguments about it led to our eventual break up. Needless to say I'm happy now where I belong, with my DH.

Just wondered what others' lives might have been like if they'd stayed with their exes? Purely speculating, of course.

TheLittleRedHen Thu 08-Jan-15 01:27:04

Perfect way to make me feel ever so grateful for my current lifestyle!!

Well, for one thing, I'd have an ex Camando SAS Marine boyfriend who is also, coincidentally, God's gift to women.

I'd still have my beautiful Labrador.

I'd be wearing practical clothes and looking a total dowdy twat most of the time.

I'd not have many of my own thoughts as The Lord and Master knows all.

I'd not have my current job as my dearP would seem it "beneath me" hmm

In short, life would be shit. There's be more to it, but I don't want to think about it for too long this close to bed time, I'll be having nightmares!

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