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Divorce papers gone missing?

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Deckthehallswithdesperation Sun 04-Jan-15 20:14:54

So, I'm getting ready, nearly there and have a ' letter of introduction' for dh from my lawyer. I kept this along with all the other divorce papers in a combination padlocked metal tin. I have never ever mentioned the code for that padlock. It is impossible to guess. Not related to any significant dates/lucky numbers etc. Today I went to get the letter out to re-read it & feel confident & low & behold - it's gone! Everything else is there. I definitely didn't leave it out, I was really careful. There is no sign of tampering so what happened? Do you think dh cracked the code? If he did take the letter then why? He could just have made a mental note of the name of the firm to check them out. I can't believe he'd do this but I have no other answers. I've turned the place upside down.

wallaby73 Sun 04-Jan-15 21:12:52

What are the consequences if he does have the letter? Does he know you are about to start proceedings? I think you have to assume that it is no longer a safe place to keep things....

SomebodysRealName Sun 04-Jan-15 21:34:59

How many numbers in the combination? If it's just three for each lock like most briefcases, there are only 1,000 possible combinations for each and it's easy, if time consuming, to roll through them all from 000 to 999.

sykadelic Mon 05-Jan-15 01:39:44

If it's a numbered padlock I can crack those in about 5 minutes, sometimes quicker depending on the quality. I do it for fun.

That aside, there would be no reason for him to only that that letter and not all the paperwork.

I suggest you firstly, calmly, get the paperwork back out and slowly go through it. Then I would try and recall the last time I had it. Are you sure you took it from the attorney's office? The "letter of introduction" sounds like it would be dated so perhaps you were never actually given it and instead just read it at your appointment?

I'd give the attorney a call and find out. Then I'd ask for them to e-mail me another copy (or if I could come and get it). It wouldn't be a big deal at all.

If it turns out the attorney did give it to you, I'd ask them if they can check whether a divorce has been filed or if they've heard anything from an attorney for him and what they'd advise you do. It would be that your divorce will be filed asap.

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