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Would like a relationship

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summerholiday Sun 28-Dec-14 15:07:39

I am 48, my son is 6 and I haven't been in a relationship since splitting with his Dad when my son was 4 months old.
I moved to Sussex from Essex 4 years ago and had to start my life all over again.
I would love to meet someone but i don't know how.
I'm scared that i'm too old now, I have some grey hairs, but i'm due to get my hair coloured again.
I felt more confident when i was younger, but I don't know who would want me now.
Can anyone help?

spinduchess Sun 28-Dec-14 15:12:44

Have you tried online dating? People are sceptical some times, but if you look at the 'how did you meet your partner' thread thats going atm, it seems a very popular and successful way of meeting somebody.

dirtybadger Sun 28-Dec-14 15:19:06

I would agree with the above but I think OLD is probably not such a wise decision if you're not feeling very confident and self esteem a little lacking. There are loads of nice blokes online (like "in real life") but there are also plenty of tossers who you need to be able to bat off and in some cases see through the bullshit.

Remember time hasn't stood still for everyone bar you....everyone is 10 years older than they were 10 years ago! So unless you're specifically looking for a toy boy, it shouldn't be any odds!

Maybe work on feeling better about yourself before plunging into anything like OLD. Do you have any hobbies or major interests? Joining a group or something where you'll meet new people may combine doing something to build your self esteem with the chance of meeting somebody nice.

summerholiday Sun 28-Dec-14 15:27:05

Thanks for your advice. Before i had my son I used to volunteer with the National Trust on Sundays, where i'd met a nice group of friends in Essex.
I also used to go dancing 'ceroc' with my friend, where she met her husband there pre my son.
Since i've been a lone parent, i haven't persued previous interests really, all my time has been taken up with my son and I've definatley lost some confidence where men are concerned.
I met my son's father on, but it all went horribly wrong. It has left me feeling worried about online dating. I'm sure that there are lots of lovely people on there also, would just be nice to meet someone a different way.

ChristmasTimeName Sun 28-Dec-14 17:54:58

Ceroc is still a great way to meet new people and would boost your self confidence. How about meetup ?

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