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How fussy is too fussy?

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superstarheartbreaker Sat 27-Dec-14 23:56:21

Love is never enough is it? All the other variables have to slot together in a semi acceptable way for anything to work.

I met someone I really liked. He was v charismatic and courageous etc. trouble was he hardly got in contact during his relatively short deployments. Should I have been more patient, trusting ( and less reliant on opinions on here. H ?

Back in the say my grandparents met and then they were parted for years before getting together very a
Oily. I found 6 weeks hard. hmm a bit weird for someone I hardly know.

milkysmum Sun 28-Dec-14 00:05:45

It's a bit hard to make sense of what you are saying op?

superstarheartbreaker Sun 28-Dec-14 00:18:38

Hmmm. Too much Christmas drink. Will try again another day!

nozzz Sun 28-Dec-14 00:27:31

Please do

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