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Dealing with insecurities

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Nirvisna Fri 26-Dec-14 13:08:38

How do you do it? I am seeing somebody who is absolutely wonderful to me, he is just lovely, I've met his friends and some family who are also lovely and really welcoming and accepting of me.

My ex husband made me feel crap pretty much constantly and I can't help but feel terrified that I'm going to be treated like that again. My partner has done nothing to make me feel that this is going to happen, and when we are together I'm fine but when he goes home I just worry; it's ridiculous. I haven't told him (and won't!) that I feel like this, just wondering whether it's a question of time being a healer with regards to my insecurities about it?

something2say Fri 26-Dec-14 15:10:16

Time may heal to an extent.
However I believe strongly in giving nature a helping hand.

How is your self esteem? Do things for that, aside from all men and other people.

Also do positive affirmations to calm you down and get your thinking straight.

I deserve love.
I relax and accept love.
I am good enough to be loved just as I am.

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