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I don't want to be a bitch this Christmas

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loafofbread Sun 21-Dec-14 19:30:07

I'm the stressy, particular one and DH is Mr Easy going. He's just begun his 3week annual leave for Christmas and the tension is already building.
We have a 6 month old baby who is into a pretty good routine, I know her naptime ques etc and have explained to DH how to spot them on countless occasions. He's a brilliant, doting Daddy but he lives his life in a state of horizontal laid-backness and misses her ques constantly, leaving me to deal with the tantrums when she wont settle etc.
I sound such a bitch. He's so lovely and caring and I loved his easy going approach to life before DD came along. Now it drives me nuts.
We're not the tidiest of people, but I'm the one constantly striving to put stuff in its place while he just plonks stuff on top of stuff without a care in the world.
Last night, the dining room table was covered in my wrapping paper and presents while I was taking a break from wrapping and I got back to it to find his dirty clothes and laptop case plonked on top. I asked him where he wanted them to go (in a frustrated tone) and he accused me of getting on at him again! He's right though, I am. I am constantly on his case.
He tries to help out by doing the washing etc but leaves it all piled up for me to put away, so I've asked him to just leave it to me and he says it wont get done! I've explained a load a day is all I can manage and that we will never get it 'all done' when we have a baby!
I love him but dread the constant battle ahead over the next 3 weeks. The house is far from.perfect but I find it so much easier when it's me doing it and when he's not here to add to my own mess. There's just not enough places to store things and many of our drawers and cupboards of full of the crap he never ever uses. He couldn't even tell you what's in them! He lives here too but his stuff just gets in my sodding way. How selfish does that sound? Help me stop being such a bitch at Christmas!

MangoBiscuit Sun 21-Dec-14 19:34:43

So he dumps his stuff everywhere, including ON TOP of the Christmas wrapping you're in the middle of, only does half a job when he "helps" with the house work, then complains that you're not getting all the laundry done, and that you're having a go? I'd be having a very big go tbh.

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