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misscollins88 Sun 21-Dec-14 01:57:17

I just had a baby awhile ago he turned a month old yesterday hes my first baby. me and the father have been together slightly under 2 years, we have always had fights on trust I work two jobs and he is always saying I am cheating on him and he goes through my phone and my facebook posts and messages, I have never cheated on him nor would I ever I truly love him with all my heart.

we were getting along really really well after DS was born, he started back up getting mad about my guy friends leaving me a message or commenting on my post on facebook or even people from my job texting me, I deleted almost all my guy friends for him, well come to find out I go through this slutty looking girls profile hes friends with and he had been flirting with her since last june when I was pregnant, and then I see him liking and commenting on this other girls pictures 2 months ago....I don't log into his facebook or check his phone because I wanted to trust him so the most I have done is gone through his friends on facebooks profiles and pictures.

he said this girl was harmless and too skinny to be his type yet he is liking her pictures calling her sexy and beautiful. and what not. and when I confronted him he said that those posts were from 2 years ago when in fact they were from a couple months ago if that.

which also brings me to wonder. when we first started dating he said this girl on his list he used to have sex with, then 2 months later after we had been dating he said he lied they never had sex and shes harmless.......

I just don't know what to do anymore Im so heart broken ive done so much for this guy I feel like theres more going on but maybe im just crazy, I have been out of work for 4 weeks and I am going crazy being at this house 24/7 I see nobody besides the father when he comes over. I feel so depressed and lied to and betrayed, he keeps making excuses for his behavior or trying to bring up things from my past and says karmas a bitch, I just need to know what other people think. my boyfriend has a 7 year old with someone else, and she has become like my second child, and until recently I thought we were a family...

PulyaSochsup Sun 21-Dec-14 04:45:15

Really sorry for what you are going through. Trust is a massive component of any relationship, without it everything else is uncertain sad. Maybe you could have a period apart to think about what you want. Just a word of caution, posters on here tend to avoid using names from real life to help preserve anonymity. Hope things get better.

CogitOIOIO Sun 21-Dec-14 09:36:48

You're not going crazy and he is not a second child. Your adult boyfriend is a jealous and controlling arse. He's deliberately making you miserable with his offensive behaviour, isolating you from your friends, crushing your confidence, blatantly operating double standards.... he's a bully and that's how he keeps you to heel. In a good relationship you do not 'always have fights'. In an abusive one, you do.

I'm sorry you're lonely and out of work and I think your boyfriend is a big part of why you're so depressed. Please talk to people IRL such as friends and family. Go stay with them, perhaps? Rid yourself of him for a few weeks and have a think about what kind of future you want for yourself and your baby.

Quitelikely Sun 21-Dec-14 10:40:10

This relationship is far from normal.

You both sound ridiculously immature. If FB is causing that many issues delete it!

Yous are making this all about yourselves when in reality it's about your new baby and acclimatising to the new changes in your life.

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