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court order and child maintenance

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catkin14 Mon 15-Dec-14 22:15:13

I have been divorced now for nearly a year, and as I have a 15 year old DC part of the court order included his maintenance payment.
On the order it says payments must be made till his out of full time education or 18 etc and he will be starting college hopefully in september next year.
However the court order is only for a year.
DC lives with me full time and I earn a very low wage so need the payments very much.
I am very confused, do the payment from exh have to continue till DC is 18 despite the court order being only for a year?

I have spoken to the new CMS and they seem very vague and say we have to sort things out ourselves, which will be very hard as exh wont speak to me.
He was also very EA, a big reason why I left and I do not want anymore contact with him than necessary.

Any help please?

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