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Please give me honesty

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Shiongmaoniao Sun 14-Dec-14 18:06:32

My hubby has sustained cos he has found a spot where my ds has peed on his sofa
I have dealt with all nappies and potty training and most of the care of my kids he has become annoyed cos my ds has speed on the sofa aibu to tell him to suck it up?

Shiongmaoniao Sun 14-Dec-14 18:06:58

I ment complained

WowserBowser Sun 14-Dec-14 18:08:25

Bit unhygienic to to suck it up, no?

PortofinoVino Sun 14-Dec-14 18:08:51

aibu to tell him to suck it up?

What.........literally? shock

Did you clean it up properly or just leave it there for him to find?

Shiongmaoniao Sun 14-Dec-14 18:11:09

No it's been cleaned it's just still wet

CuttingOutTheCrap Sun 14-Dec-14 18:12:27

"His" sofa?

Monmouth Sun 14-Dec-14 18:12:38

'His sofa' 'your son' is that just a slip, is it our sofa and our son?

Anyway he's an arse.

GlitzAndGigglesx Sun 14-Dec-14 18:14:54

Kids have accidents. Tell him to shut up and deal with it

overslept Sun 14-Dec-14 18:15:17

Hubby? Assuming you are married/live together, he should suck it up (not literally). If he doesn't live with you and it's not his DC (you said "his" sofa? and "my" ds?)... Well, I myself probably wouldn't be best pleased if somebodies child did a wee on my sofa. I'd expect them to pay to get it properly cleaned if it left a smell/stain. confused

Shiongmaoniao Sun 14-Dec-14 18:16:18

Yes I've worded it wrong it's our son but he is so bad at dealing with any bodily functions and I've been potty training our son and dealing with a stomach bug
I may be in the I'm to tired to cared zone I try to give him the benefit of the doubt but I do feel he is taking. The pics

Shiongmaoniao Sun 14-Dec-14 18:17:41

We have a sofa each same house live together never ment to drip

Andrewofgg Sun 14-Dec-14 18:19:25

He is extracting the urine. Tell him to sort it out then get over himself.

Coyoacan Sun 14-Dec-14 18:20:12

I think the "my son/his sofa" is, in the lines of a freudian slip, very telling.

overslept Sun 14-Dec-14 18:20:54

OP you sound exhausted or pissed. You said you have cleaned the sofa, so just fold a towel and put it over the wet patch so DH doesn't have to look at it then take yourself off for a nap.

GlitzAndGigglesx Sun 14-Dec-14 18:21:49

Why do you have individual sofas? Would he have minded of your child had an accident on your sofa?

Shiongmaoniao Sun 14-Dec-14 18:23:43

He has gone to bed it is very telling I'm always worried I over analysis things as I have been in an abusive relationship before I'm so lost and maybe this needs to be moved to relationships board ?

arethereanyleftatall Sun 14-Dec-14 18:27:05

If you're English, the use of my is really really odd.
So, to summarise, your joint child has had an accident on your joint sofa.
Is your husband blaming you for this?

Shiongmaoniao Sun 14-Dec-14 18:28:34

Yes I am English and yes our son has speed on our sofa and it's my fault he is 3 by the way

Shiongmaoniao Sun 14-Dec-14 18:29:06

I corrected that

BalloonSlayer Sun 14-Dec-14 18:34:12

It's no one's "fault." He's potty training. It happens.

Any one who complains is an arse.


Bunbaker Sun 14-Dec-14 18:38:08

Why is it your fault?

Your husband sounds like a dick.

Pagwatch Sun 14-Dec-14 18:43:44

Your son, his sofa. That's weird, right there.

arethereanyleftatall Sun 14-Dec-14 18:43:47

It's no ones fault. These things happen with a three year old. If your husband expected you to clean it up, and complained at you for it, then your husband is an arse. He has joint responsibility.

MincePionaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 14-Dec-14 18:45:59

Evening folks. We're going to move this thread to Relationships in a moment, at the OP's request.

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