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Depression after break-up?

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EveryNight Sun 14-Dec-14 00:25:44

I'm 6 months post break-up and while I don't doubt that breaking up was the right decision, I was (am?) very deeply in love and am struggling to cope.
I must've burst into tears 10-15 times today. That's not normal, is it? I've been managing to work and look after dc but whenever I'm alone I just feel so sad, lonely and miss my ex so much.
Should I see a doctor now or give it a while? I've been getting slowly worse over the last month or so.

elsabelle Sun 14-Dec-14 00:42:06

Sending a big hug to you. I am 5 months post break up and still crying about 10 times a day too, but ive also had a bereavement so thats all mixed up with it. I'd definitely recommend seeing your GP, as well as antidepressants he/she could refer you for some counselling or CBT.

Have you tried any self help books? I found "Getting past your break up" by Susan Elliot pretty helpful. She talks a lot about keeping the focus on you rather than on your ex and the old relationship. I think this is helping me. I now try to think "what do I want in the future? What will make me happy? And i daydream a little a bit about a hazy future where i'm happy with an as yet unknown partner, imagining pottering in the garden together etc. It sounds a bit nuts but i think it does kind of work. I know others on MN recommend the Paul McKenna book too.

Lots of love to you xx

EveryNight Sun 14-Dec-14 08:38:43

Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry for your break-up and bereavement.
I'll read that book and if I'm not feeling better by the end of the month I will make an appt with the GP.
I'm not able to think of myself with another partner yet, my mind just won't go there.

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