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ex new partners daughter is Facebook friends with son . ex hasn't told him!!!

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notmrscookie Thu 11-Dec-14 05:37:46

Husband left October .Meet new women end of October. He has practical moved in. I have found out because he confided in a girl and then dumped her. However on checking sons Facebook by friend of friend thing I noticed pictures of new partner and this girl and her brother on my sons facebook. I think one of hi is friends has told my son . Husband is hiding relationship from close friends and family .He is only seeing son for about 2 hour max every other week.My son is refusing to see him more. Both kids are 14 ..

TheCrimsonQueen Thu 11-Dec-14 05:42:24

I am so sorry OP I have read and reread your post and am totally confused. Who left who and who is still together?

notmrscookie Thu 11-Dec-14 06:15:51

Threw sxbxh out for an affair not with new women. He has practically moved in within six weeks. I was checking sons Facebook page and noticed pictures and tags with new women daughters name on . They have mutual friends on Facebook. This girl is posting all sorts and worried what my son might find out as stbxh hasn't told sons , family or friends .

StrychnineStew Thu 11-Dec-14 06:38:27

So your son has a a FB friend who is a girl. Or not FB friends directly but have mutual FB friends??

You have now found out that your STBXH has moved in (secretly) with the girl's mum? Is that it?

And you don't want your DS to find out about his DF's new relationship via FB?

But your DS is pretty frosty with your STBXH anyway?

This relationship isn't with the OW though? Can you not just tell him?

Hissy Thu 11-Dec-14 06:51:02

the relationship between your ex and your ds is not your responsibility.

all you can do is be there for your ds if and when the time comes.

get on with your lives and forget about the ex.
detach, detach, detach

notmrscookie Thu 11-Dec-14 07:19:59

I knew bits but found out more I mean lots from another lady friend off his who how much savings I have . Her borrowed my car and took them out in it etc. He bumped into his mum at tesco . Every so often I just check his facebook page and saw her daughter who has as very unusually name appear.

notmrscookie Thu 11-Dec-14 07:26:28

I feel its not my news to tell. As mentioned stbxh hasn't told our close friends yet . Son and dad's relationship has become more hostile lately and I as wondering if he knows via someone . His dad is no longer buying a flat He wants in with this women so son willnot be staying as she doesn't want anything to do with our kids . He is upset that the person who he confided in told me everything .But that's his look out .

Hissy Thu 11-Dec-14 15:06:26

You ex's life is nothing to do with you love. if he is going to fuck up the relationship he has with his DC, that is very much his look out.

All you can do is look after your DC if they need you to. when they need you to.

If they find out that you knew and didn't tell them either, they will blame you as much as him.

Back off. for your own sake and your DC

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