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Moody with bf for no reason?

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Sweetpea01 Wed 10-Dec-14 02:40:14

For a bit of background, I have been with my boyfriend for seriously for six months. This followed from a FWB relationship for 16 months prior (we went on dates, slept with each other. But were 'unavailable' for a committed relationship, though neither of us slept with anyone else). He asked to make things serious and I was very happy to do so.

I love him very much, we see each other every weekend where possible. Due to actually going to school together (mid 20s now) we share many of the same friends and even the same work place (different departments). It is now serious enough that he has met and begun spending time with my 2 children, they adore him and vice versa.

It's all going very well.

Yet, for some reason I just seem to be moody ALL the time with him. Or rather, maybe I'm taking my moods out ON him. He has done nothing that I can think of to warrant my nit picking over things I have always been happy about. He then tries to be more attentive, which I then become irritated with too!

I don't know what's wrong with me?! confused I even got snipey with him the other night about not spending enough time together (even though we both work F/T i can't reasonably see when we could even do this?) I feel like I am perhaps testing him, I want to stop pushing him away and control myself.

I am not a needy person, I am usually very relaxed and have been throughout our fairly long relationship. Any ideas what's going on? What can I do to try and stop taking my moods out on him?

I know I'm the only one who can really answer this, I just feel like I'm morphing into a naggy version of myself shock

brokenhearted55a Wed 10-Dec-14 08:01:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sweetpea01 Wed 10-Dec-14 08:48:57

The FWB would vary, usually every few weeks or so. Though in between we still chatted or messaged a few times a week. I don't feel like I resented him at this time, I was happy with the arrangement we had and didn't feel the need to increase our time together.

Now we are 'together' the relationship is very different, we do chat every day and as I said, spend most weekends together. We are more publicly affectionate etc which I love.

I may well just be a moody bitch who needs to learn to control my impulses to nitpick at none issues confused

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