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Divorce lawyer specialising in domestic violence - London

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Bsharri Wed 03-Dec-14 19:30:28

Name changed for this, for obvious reasons...

Can anyone recommend a divorce lawyer in London (central, preferably) specialising in domestic violence? Someone who has an understanding of emotional/psychological abuse. Although there has been a couple of instances of physical abuse, a lot of intimidation, throwing and smashing things, and a past of sexual abuse, financial abuse, the hardest part is the emotional and psychological abuse and I really need someone who understands that and the effect it has on me and my child, and knows every last limit of the law in that respect when it comes to residency and access.

Someone did make a recommendation in a thread on here not long ago but I can't find it.

I have met with a lawyer through my local DV service but the lawyer advised me to move back into the home with my husband and I really don't feel safe there any more and my mental health is crumbling. I'm not sure the lawyer is necessarily the right lawyer for me, that that is the best advice. I saw another lawyer a year ago who gave the opposite advice. My psychiatrist and GP don't think I should live with him.

I am really in a rush to file. I've been too scared to do this for 13 years because of the things my husband says he will do if I divorce him. Right now, he says he wants a divorce because he thinks it will help him win back the latest OW. I fear in a few weeks he will change his mind if she doesn't come back.

I am also worried he will file for divorce first as I want to file in London whereas he will file in his hometown using a friend and I have been advised that the court there is less "enlightened" about DV issues.

Can anyone help?

GoodArvo Wed 03-Dec-14 19:44:29

TV Edwards in Clapham.

Meloria Wed 03-Dec-14 19:54:04

Grayfords are good.

Twinklestein Wed 03-Dec-14 21:19:45

I don't know which your local dv service is but you could a) contact your local Domestic Violence One Stop Shop, there's one in every borough; or b) contact Women's Aid who should be able to recommend alternative dv services in your area.

Bsharri Wed 03-Dec-14 23:19:15

Thanks everyone. Twinklestein, it was WA who referred me to the DV service and my outreach worker. The lawyer was the lawyer who provides free advice through them. The outreach worker seemed a bit :-/ at his advice too, and surprised that we can't go for a non molestation order straightaway. He doesn't want to because he thinks I won't get legal aid even though there is DV and it will cost £2k. She is looking into it because she thinks I should qualify for legal aid.

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