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dh s.a.d this year =

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daisydee43 Tue 25-Nov-14 21:04:06

hi dh is a recovered bipolar but suffers from s.a.d as past memories happened this time of year. this year he wants to join a boxing club and says hes fed up with work (says loves his job but fed up of going to work). he wants to own a business but i really dont. used to be SE and hated it. he went through this a bit last year and we visited a business for sale but not go thru with it. feel sorry for himenvy

dadwood Tue 25-Nov-14 22:24:42

Hi daisydee43

I thought SAD was about day length and light levels affecting mood:
wikipedia SAD

Is it this which is affecting your DH? If so, there might be some practical things to do such as medication, light therapy or a holiday somewhere warm at this time of year.

If it is the date in particular which reminds your DH of a bad memory, then maybe you need another approach. A break away might distract him, or maybe he might need to talk to someone about these feelings.

Might he be thinking of starting a business and/or joining a boxing club because that's the sort of thing he thinks of doing at a certain point in a bipolar cycle, something which marks a change in how he is feeling? It might be that he still experiences some bipolar symptoms.

The exercise of a boxing club or some other fitness regime might make him feel better if he is a bit low. If he is very low, he should see the GP

I think he really needs to discuss starting a business thoroughly with you as it's a big commitment and not what you feel like doing. It needs to be a joint decision I think as it sounds like it affects you as well. It's also not the thing to do while in a temporary state of feeling.

dadwood Tue 25-Nov-14 22:31:13

There is a mental health section of MN chat. Talk/Mental health where there will be people who know about bipolar disorder and SAD.

You could report your own OP and get MNHQ to move it to there if it's more suitable.

CogitoErgoSometimes Wed 26-Nov-14 05:38:43

He needs to go back to a doctor if he's suffering from a medical condition. Exercise is usually a good thing for depression but ideas like not fancying working any more are self-indulgent & put a huge burden on the rest of the family i.e. you, if they are not planned and executed properly. You may feel sorry for him but who is looking after you?

Joysmum Wed 26-Nov-14 08:05:30

If he actually does have SAD, has the doctor advised a light box?

My mum used to suffer dreadfully with it but the light box was the answer. She hired at first then bought one.

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