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Update....part two!

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officeworker Sun 23-Nov-14 12:20:45


It's been a long few weeks since I last posted on here about my relationship and being broken up with, feeling the worst I ever have and so on. So now, I figured I'd give my next update, it isn't all great!

I think it was three weeks ago today, we had an argument and he moved out whilst I was at my parents for lunch. So me, being distraught moved out too, only for him to move back in the next day as he hated being away from the house. We were talking in little bits, saw each other for three nights that week, purely just normal and having a good time. Two weeks ago tomorrow, he left for work that morning and I haven't seen him since and heard very little from him.

I've spent that two weeks distraught, for some reason I thought we'd get it back on track, coasting through days at work, talking to anyone who would listen about it. But this weekend now has made me pick up. On Friday night, I called him, slightly drunk. To be told he doesn't miss me, just our house. Doesn't care who I'm with or what I do anymore, that he just basically doesn't care. Yesterday morning he text rather cruelly to ask when I'd be moving the rest of my things, I text back amicably. Then he said he would come round to give me the keys to return, I asked him not to as it would be too much for me at the moment, and got a reply of 'ha!!!! ok'.

So that did it for me, it's just dead. I can't say it's easy, I saw a picture of him on Facebook last night going out with his sister and sobbed my heart out, so now I've deleted him and his family. It's just like he said when he deleted me, he didn't want to see me getting over him infront of my eyes. I have great people around me and three guys already who want to go on a date which is a strange position to be in. But I'll get there, it's just very strange that the person you thought you'd marry just changes into a monster.

And it feels so much better writing all of this down. Two weeks and counting of not seeing him, I'm doing well. And he doesn't care. Wedding next week too, so something to look forward to. Even without him smile

TheLittleOneSaidRollOver Sun 23-Nov-14 15:41:23

How are you sorting the housing situation?

officeworker Sun 23-Nov-14 16:01:55

We've both moved out now, back to our respective parents. He moved the last of his things yesterday hence his text and I have things to collect next weekend.

Keys are going back a week on Monday.

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