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Has anyone else been disowned by family because of mental health problems?

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dorisdaydream Sat 22-Nov-14 16:18:49

I have had bad PND twice and during both those times my parents and sister refused to have anything to do with me and just stayed away.

I then had a breakdown about 18 months ago, actually probably due in part to various things connected with my childhood, and since then my parents and sister have refused to have anything to do with me.

I have 3 children; my eldest is 16 and my younger two are 8 and 5, and they all see and speak to the 16 year old but refuse to have anything to do with the younger two now.

I know I am better off without them but it is still so hurtful. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

cafesociety Sat 22-Nov-14 20:36:31

I have had emotional and personal problems in the past due to broken marriage and being messed about in relationships. It meant I could not function 100% and could only work part time as a single parent, and I was on AD's for a long time, also had long term counselling. I also struggle with events in my childhood which have affected me in many ways. My mother was emotionally cold and abusive and always favoured my younger half sister and brother....also indifferent to my two sons. Of course, being sheep-like, my siblings have also shown no interest in my sons either....then kick up when my sons marry and don't invite them! One rule for them and another for us in these circumstances it seems. So unfair.

So I can empathise. My family have a deep seated horror of any sort of mental ill health in the family, they just won't and don't tolerate or have any sympathy if someone is struggling....just see them as weak and pathetic.

I never could go NC with my mother and she has passed away. I now have been forced to cease contact with my half siblings as they just aren't interested self absorbed. Yes it hurts but I refuse to humiliate myself any more. It's the way it is, what's done is done.

For your 2 younger DC to be ignored is horrible, cold and dismissive. What does 16 year old think and say about the unfairness of it all? I am sad to hear your mum and sis have ignored you since you were ill, just put it down to ignorance and lack of intelligence and insight on their behalf. Just enjoy your own family knowing you are better than that.

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